Friday, January 6, 2012

Ad Limina Visit. Should be soon.

Cardinal Wuerl should be heading out on his Ad Limina visit w/ the Holy Father very soon.

It is one thing about this Archdiocese, it is so secretive even about such regular and standard type of events.

UPDATE: Thank you Anon for the correction.


Anonymous said...

um, if you knew your Latin (or your Catholic Tradition) you would know it is ad limina (to the thresholds actually ad limina apostolorum--to the thresholds of the apostles) not ad lumina which was a Chevrolet or sloppy Latin for "to the lights" as if His Eminence were going to Broadway.
hope you're not "praying" in this language

Anonymous said...

Ad Limina Smad Limina. If he goes to Rome, I hope he has a one way ticket!!