Friday, January 13, 2012

The Opus Dei...OMG says the NYT

Mr. Cardenas teaches at The Heights School, a suburban Washington boys’ school affiliated with Opus Dei, the Catholic organization of which he is a member. By the standards of more famous Washington private schools, like Sidwell Friends or Georgetown Preparatory, The Heights is poor, little known and young — it was founded in 1969. But since then it has become the popular school for a small clique of Washingtonians: conservative Catholics.

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Anonymous said...

I am by all accounts a liberal and no fan of Opus Dei, but will be the first to admit that all that they do they do well. Anyone who knows Church History knows that Opus Dei is simply in the twentieth and twenty-first century what the Society of Jesus was in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. And like the Society of Jesus Opus Dei will, over time, become very main-line in the Church. Get over the paranoia about them. I would choose Gonzaga over The Heights, but have no dobut that The Heights gives a first rate education to their students and will raise up a generatio of faithful yet critical thinking Catholics