Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Thoughts before the weekend...

Just some random thoughts...

1. The Facebook page of Justice for ILLEGAL Maryland Immigrants put out a plea asking for more people to friend them last week. There has been an increase by one (1). Maybe it is time for them to shut down the Facebook page and give up the issue.

2. The Facebook page of Justice for ILLEGAL Maryland Immigrants won't let people comment anymore (or at least me). I wonder what they are afraid of? I mean, if my ideas were that bad, and their ideas so good, they would have hundreds of thousands of supporters. But they seem to have the same three or four people saying LIKE.

3. I posted a comment over on the Catholic Standard page about not supporting the Cardinal's Appeal at 9:20pm on Wednesday night. I wonder how long it will remain up.

4. A number of people asked me about Msgr. Pope's blog posting. Deep down, Msgr. Pope knows exactly what I am talking about but I did not expect him to respond to my charges (which are documented by the way). He could not do so, w/o having to acknowledge that they were true. I don't fault him btw.

5. You notice how we never know where the Cardinal will be. His schedule is kept a secret. I am told that he does not want protesters showing up, like they did for the dinner honoring Chris Matthews or when Cardinal McCarrick was heckled at the Gonzaga graduation.

6. You notice how the Catholic Standard no longer accepts Letters to the Editor? Either they have no positive letters or they got tired of those who do not support the Cardinal.

Have a great weekend.


Dymphna said...

It's been so long since I read the Standard that I didn't realize they don't show letters anymore.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Cdl McCarrick keeps his schedule secret because he doesn't want to be heckled? That begs the question, "Is he continually hobnobbing with pro-aborts?", for only that would induce us to act. As for the letters, the Standard stopped accepting them when McCarrick made plain his intentions to disobey Canon 915. I have it on good source that the Standard was deluged with letters of protest upon that announcement (with one of them being mine). That decision was a key factor in my decision to start my website and blog.