Friday, September 6, 2013

A Non-Political Event my...

Well, it has been a while since the Catholic Standard wrote something that I really must wonder "What were they thinking?"

In the August 29th edition, Mark Zimmerman wrote a piece entitled:  Catholics need to help make 'the dream' a reality, panelists say.

What bothers me about the article is that Mr. Zimmerman sees this is a non-partisan event. 

So, who "sponsored" this non-partisan event: Catholic Democrats, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Pax Christi, USA.   

As you can see, all of these organizations are non-partisan in nature and the event was non-partisan, as it included a number of conservative Catholic groups.   The conservative Catholic groups were....  Oh, yes, there were no conservative Catholic groups.

And, who was one of the main panelists?  Tom Perez, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Secretary of Labor AND a member of Holy Redeemer parish.  Supporter of Obamacare.

And who else spoke, well there was Ralph McCloud, the director of the USCCB Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  You remember Mr. McCloud, the treasurer for a pro-abortion Democrat in Texas.  You remember Mr. McCloud, the person who supposedly has verified that all those receiving money from CCHD are not in violation of Catholic teaching.  Yeah, right.

So, Mr. Zimmerman and the good folks over in Hyattsville...this event was just as bad as the actual anniversary of the March on Washington, in which it became a love fest for the Democrat Party.

How did a pro-abortionist/pro-homosexual marriage member of this administration get to speak at a Catholic venue?  Who approved of it?  Did anyone in Hyattsville know about this?

Is this what we support with our weekly donations?  No wonder why Obama and the Democrat Party are not scared of us, they know that we will invite them to our institutions, hire them to work for us and in general, allow ourselves to have our own Fifth Column.


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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Did they know about it? Sure they did and they most likely approved it. Had they not approved it, they would not have published news of it for fear of embarrassing themselves. Good catch!