Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cards from my Mom...

Since my mom is up in age, she has begun the process of getting rid of things she no longer wants or needs. So, in one of my many visits, she gave me an envelope full of greeting cards, which I placed in my "spare card box." You know, the one that you have the blank thank you cards, an extra birthday card or two, a couple of condolence cards, etc.

So, I went through the envelope today and came across the cards shown above (among many others).

The one with the Blessed Virgin was issued by the Franciscan Mission Associates (Mount Vernon, NY) and the one on St. Francis was issued by the Dominican Fathers (Lenox Hill, NYC).
Note: For those who do not know, Lenox Hill is an area on Manhattan's East side about mid-50's thru 70's. Do a Google search for more information.

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