Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguraton of President Barack Obama -

One of the many things that I have always loved about my country is the fact that there has been an orderly transition of power from one elected official to another, and that to this point in history, we have not had any military overthrows of the government.

Today is both a happy day and sad day for me.

Happy because it shows that (1) anyone can be President of the US and (2) there is an orderly transition of power.

Happy because once again, the hypocrisy of the Catholic left has shown itself. Four years ago, they were yelling and screaming about the cost of the inauguration (apx. $50,000,000). We were told that we should not be spending that much, since we were not only in a war, but the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now, there is not a word from them. Now, when we really are in an economic crisis and at war, they couldn't care less about spending apx. $150,000,000. HYPOCRITES every last one of them.

Sad because we are not only electing the most radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual president ever, the man is simply an EMPTY SUIT. He will take us down the socialist path and my fellow Catholics will say nothing and just smile.

The man looks good, has a great smile, has the media in his corner (he can do no wrong) but he is no better than a Potemkin Village.

Today is both a happy day and sad day for me.


Dymphna said...

I'm begining to wonder if things are really as bad as the media keeps saying and I have a strong suspicion that starting Jan. 21 we're going to hear a decidely different tune from them.

Christopher said...

You left off an additional 20,000,000 on the cost. And you're absolutely right.



Yes, you are correct the estimate is about $170 million. However, in my defense, it was the amount quoted on Saturday.

So, although I was right at the time I wrote the blog posting I have to stand corrected.


you too are correct. Everywhere I go in DC and Maryland, I see people spending $$$. Although my friends in business tell me that their business is off by 10% to 30?%, I wonder if some of it is due to they hype -- scaring people.