Thursday, January 15, 2009

First, Knights of Columbus for Obama...Now, a Knight for Obama at the USCCB and a Knight in Trouble

Well, it is bad enough that the USCCB has

- a questionable movie reviewer,
- spent millions of dollars on ACORN,
- give awards to non-Catholic, pro-illegal immigration "community organizers,"

now they are hiring Obama supporters.

Hey, why doesn't the USCCB just "pack it in." In other words, close up shop.

Read all about it over at
Les Femmes - The Truth.


In a related story, Eric McFadden has been arrested and faces two counts of promoting prostitution, two counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor, two counts of pandering obscenity involving a nude minor and one count of compelling prostitution

In 2004, McFadden worked for Catholics for Kerry and in 2005, served as the president for the organization, Catholics for Faithful Citizenship. In 2006, he was a spokesperson for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and more recently, he was Hillary Clinton’s lead Catholic outreach organizer as the State Faith & Values Outreach Director during the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Additionally, he was a member of the Knights of Columbus and reached the 4th order. Last year, he penned a letter to the Knights of Columbus asserting that Supreme Knight Carl Anderson was leading Catholics astray by suggesting that Catholics could not vote for pro-abortion candidates.

For the full story by CNA, click here.

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