Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well...a postive from the Madoff Scadal...

As many of us have come to realise, the ponzi scheme created by Bernie Madoff hurt many innocent people. However, there was one ray of sunshine that has peaked thru the dark clouds: it has hurt abortion groups.

According to the Catholic News Agency (CNA):

Picower Foundation, listed as the 71st-largest in the nation by the Council on Foundations, claimed assets of $1 billion... was forced to close in December due to financial problems with its assets, which were managed by Madoff.

Picower was one of a handful of foundations willing to stick their necks out and significantly fund the three organizations that handle virtually all major reproductive rights-related litigation and legal advocacy in the United States,” the pro-abortion rights Goldstein wrote. “Now the Center for Reproductive Rights needs to make up a $600,000 shortage in 2009; Planned Parenthood is out $484,000; the ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project is off $200,000.”

The story continued on by saying...

The ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project authored the 2002 report “Religious Refusals and Reproductive Rights.” Characterizing the expansion of Catholic hospitals as a “growth in the sectarian health system,” the report advocated restricting the ability of Catholic hospitals and other institutions to refuse to perform procedures they find objectionable, such as sterilizations or abortions.

“The law should not permit an institution’s religious strictures to interfere with the public’s access to reproductive health care,” the report’s executive summary argued. Though granting that medical professionals should be allowed to opt-out of procedures to which they object, the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project insisted that they must cooperate in giving “complete and accurate information” and in making “appropriate referrals.”

But let's be honest folks, this is just a short term hurt.

With a couple of months, they will more than make up the lost $$$ because the Most Merciful, the Lord High Barack Obama and his cronies will direct a boatload of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, et al whether you like it or not.

Oh, and you can thank Catholics who voted for Obama like Mr. John J. Koback, a member of the Knights of Columbus, who also happens to be the parish accountant of Our Lady of Grace (Silver Spring, MD).


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