Friday, January 23, 2009

"Catholic" Colleges/Parishes Celebrate the Coronation of Obama

Well it seems that a number of Catholic institutions of higher education, as well as, Catholic parishes, celebrated the coronation of the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama:

- Trinity College (what else is new)

- Catholic University of America (although the article does not state if they just rented the facility out or actually sponsored one -- not very clear, so I will give them the benefit of doubt)

- Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Washington. DC

- St. Margaret’s in Seat Pleasant, MD

I don't expect the Archbishop to do anything about Trinity (hasn't done anything in the past, why start now) but come on, you ask us to sign card protesting FOCA and yet two of your parishes host celebrations about the election of a pro-abortion president.

And to make it worse, the pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help waxes on about him, while the pastor and parishoners at St. Margaret's seem to ignore his pro-abortion stance.

If I remember correctly, the largest number of abortions are done on African-American woman. And here they are praising the President, who intends to spend more money on this evil.

What's next? A statue of Barack Obama in the sanctuary?

Thanks to our colleagues at Restore DC Catholicism for making us aware of this.


Above I made a statement on the number of abortions in the African-American community. The data seems to point out, even the most recent, that there are more abortions conducted on caucasians than blacks but that the rate among black women is higher:

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that while 56 percent of all women who obtained legal abortions were white, the abortion rate (the number of abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 per year) for black women was 2.9 times that of white women. For every thousand black women, 32 have abortions, as compared with 11 for every thousand white women. Likewise with numbers of abortions per 1,000 births: The abortions/births ratio for white women was 184 abortions per 1,000 live births; for black women, it was 543 abortions per 1,000 births. This means that abortion ratios for black women were 2.8 times greater than those for white women. Sadly, black women were also more likely to obtain riskier abortions late in their pregnancies, while white women were significantly more likely than black women to obtain abortions before 16 weeks.

Although a little old, I think that this explains it well.


Anonymous said...

I am a side walk counselor at an abortion clinic in Maryland. It is heart breaing to see the number of African American women who enter every Saturday morning for abortions.
Almost 80% of the women who go into the clinic for the "abortion hour" are African American.


First, let me say thank you for all that you do. It is not easy being out there each and every Saturday, in the cold and heat. But much more difficult are the comments made by the so called "escorts" and their supporters.

For about two years, I prayed the rosary every Saturday morning at the abortion mill on 16th St. and L.

The taunts and insults were such that it was hard for me not to go over and slap some sense into them. But I did not.

The one that I remember the most, were two gay guys walking past us, one turned to the other and said: "Oh gee, why don't we go out and get an abortion."

Katherine said...

My Inaugural ball gown was smashing!