Monday, March 16, 2009

Archbishop Wuerl and HHS Secretary Sebelius

The Archbishop of Kansas City has publicly asked former KS Gov. Sebelius not to receive communion. This will present a bit of a bind for Archbishop Wuerl of Washington DC.

Since Sebelius will probably reside in DC or Maryland (there is the possibility she may live in VA), will Archbishop Wuerl also ask HHS Secretary Sebelius not to receive Holy Communion, and join in support of Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann?

Personally, I do not believe that Archbishop Wuerl will do anything. But what do you think? Take the poll on the right.



On Feb. 23rd, I posted an article and incorrectly referred to Project Gabriel instead of Project Rachael. I have corrected it but also left a note updating the posting and indicating my error. Apologies to all and thank you to the reader for correcting my error.

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