Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's good to see...

The March 12th print edition of the Catholic Standard has done something that I have been advocating for over a year now.

On their cover story on BOAST, they had a photo of Del. James E. Proctor, Jr. with a group of school children. He is one of the primary sponisors of BOAST. What a great way to recognize those who support us. As opposed to putting someone on the cover with the hope that they will support you in the future.

In addition, they also list all of those who are not on board with it from Mont. County: Del. K. Barve, Del. Frick, Del. Gilchrist, Del. Hixson, Del. Kaiser, Del. Rice, Del. King, Del. Kramer and Sen. Madaleno, Jr.

Take a moment to write to thank those who support BOAST and to urge those who do not support BOAST.

This is a good sign. Catholics will now learn a bit more who is on their side.

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