Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pro-Life in Action: Saving the Life of the Frail Unborn

What happens when a pregnant woman is told her unborn child has some ghastly defect?

A small army of doctors and genetics counselors arrive on the scene with one message: End the pregnancy and get one of those horrendous second or third-trimester abortions, where the child perches on the edge of viability.

Recently, I've become aware of a network of Catholics who are fighting such dire diagnoses with Web sites and support groups. Anna Lise "Cubby" LaHood was 13 weeks pregnant in the spring of 1988 when she was informed that her unborn son, Francis, had polycystic kidney disease. He would only live briefly outside the womb.

To read more about Cubby and Dan LaHood and their work, go to The Washington Times.

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