Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catholic Standard - Some Good News

This weekend, I was reading my copy of the Catholic Standard, the newspaper of the Archidiocese of Washington DC. While reading it, I noticed a bit of change in the stories.

Over the last year, I was suprised over and over by stories that praised pro-abortion and pro-gay politicians. Then, the stories became very bland, not much to it, and probably should be shut down. This week, I started to see some "harder" hitting stories such as on the the HHS regulations and the nominated Secretary.

I was also pleasantly suprised to see their mission statement:

Carroll Publishing Company is a Catholic media organization that communicates the teachings of Jesus Christ, as proclaimed by the Church's teaching office and lived by the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Washington and beyond. With its two newspapers, and through other media, it exists to bring readers accurate news and information about the church and its role in the local and larger community, and on a national and international level. As an instrument of education and evangelization, it builds up the faith and unity of the local church, and provides a forum for the expression of respectful views consistent with church teaching. Its work defends the God-given dignity of all humanity, serves a Catholic community rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, and inspires people to lead holy and faith-filled lives.

In addition, there was a note from Mr. Thomas H. Schmidt, the General Manager, on letters to the editor. Although I would worry that those of us who strongly oppose illegal immigration and support the death penalty will not be shut out of having our letters published, we will wait and see.

As I said, I was pleasantly suprised and hope to see an improvement in the stories over the longer term.

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Mr Flapatap said...

I think a lot of the credit probably goes to a very dynamic new director(s) at the Sanctity of Life office.

Now, if anything could be done about the Spanish paper, El Pregonero. Apparently the main concern that our Church has towards Spanish-speaking people is not saving souls but immigration and economic ones. And then we complain when Hispanics leave the Church in droves to join evangelical communities where they actually talk about God!
(For the record, my views on illegal immigration would probably get me kicked out of many places from both sides of the issue, i.e. I am more liberal about it than the blogger here and more conservative than Casa de MD. However, concern for souls ought to occupy the highest level of concern)