Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, which is it?

According to the Wed., March 25th on-line edition of the Washington Times:

Archbishop Naumann, meanwhile, has been in contact with Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl of the Washington Diocese to inform him of the Kansas City prelate's discussions with Mrs. Sebelius.

A spokesman for Archbishop Wuerl said church officials in Washington would act in accordance with the admonition from Kansas City. A church official in Washington said the admonition does not prohibit priests from serving Mrs. Sebelius if she does present herself, but declined to speculate on what would happen in that event.

So which is it? Are we leaving this up to the individual priest? Please don't put the regular parish priest in that situation. Give him some guidance. Either he can or cannot.

The article further states:

The Rev. Lawrence DiNardo, who served as Archbishop Wuerl's chief canon attorney during the archbishop's 18-year tenure in Pittsburgh before being transferred to Washington in 2006, said he expects his former boss to wait until Mrs. Sebelius is confirmed as HHS secretary before doing anything.

"I am sure this crossed his mind, but the issue has not yet arisen, so anything said is speculative," he said.

Archbishop Wuerl "is a very loyal person to the church, very thoughtful, very pastoral," he added. "He'll take all different issues into consideration as he makes a judgment. He always tries to make everything a teachable moment."

Hopefully, we will have one voice speak, speak clearly and and soon.

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