Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catholic Standard - Weekly Update

Well folks, it is that time (although late) with our review of the Catholic Standard (July 23rd Edition).

We start off with a Catholic News Story (CNS) on the Pope's injuries.

Then we follow-up with a story about the nominee for Surgeon General. It seems that there is some "speculation about abortion view."

No. It can't be. An Obama nominee who is Catholic and is pro-abortion? It seems to surprise CNS. Let's see, there is Joe Biden, Obama's Press Secretary, Sotomayor, and the list goes on.

What planet is CNS living on? They must have drunk the Obama Kook-Aid once too often. If they were not pro-abortion, NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the rest of them would be yelling and screaming. But you know why they are not, because they know that the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama would only appoint pro-abortion politicians.

Fire the lot of the current CNS group. What a waste!

And what is worse, Sr. Keehan head of the Catholic Health Assn. To me, they are willing to sell their souls for health rationing for all.

We then move on the Opportunity Scholarships and we learn that the US House of Reps., voted last week to keep the program going only for those currently in it. No new funding. Now, I bet if you looked at who voted to limit it, it would be the Democratic Party.

Yet, we do not hear a word from the social justice crowd. Where are they by the way? For all of their talk about education, it is just that -- talk.

We move on to stories about how young teens are doing good things at Encounter the Gospel of Life and how young adults are involved in Christ in the City, at St. Patrick's in DC.

The House of Representatives also passed a bill allowing for locally tax-funded abortions in DC. Gee, I wonder which party supported that one. Do you really think that the DC Council will vote not fund them, even though 41% of all pregnancies are aborted.

We have another story on how pro-lifers who oppose abortion as part of the President's health rationing plan. With the Fr. Reese's, Sr. Keehan's, Joe "insert foot in mouth" Biden (and they talked about Dan Quayle), and Dr. Regina Benjamin's who needs enemies.

Finally, we have a CNS story on Walter Cronkite. Can anyone tell me why he was "the most trusted man in America"? Who gave him that name? He certainly did not deserve it in my opinion, esp. knowing what we now know about the media.

It reminds me of Howard Stern. Do you know how he became "The King of All Media?" He started to call himself that and slowly but surely, as his radio ratings increased, the media started to use that phrase. Reminds me a lot about Cronkite.

As always, if you don't get the Standard, pick one up in your parish. Remember, they are required to carry it -- whether they like it or no.

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Viator Catholicus said...

"Do you really think that the DC Council will vote not fund them, even though 41% of all pregnancies are aborted."

You once spoke of the DC Council members who are supposedly Catholic and voted for the pro-homosexual agenda. please, keep us informed, if possible, about this vote and who voted in which way.