Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pro-Life Center Closed...Where to next?

One of my readers wrote the following to me:

Some very distressing news, the Archdiocese closed their ONLY ProLife Center. Yes, Birthing and Care Center of College Park was closed on July 1. The remaining staff was moved to the Archdiocene Pstoral Center in Hyattsville. This is hardly a replacement for the convience, warmth and excellence of the College Park location. This is a terrible blow for Prolife advocates and the Side Walk Counselors. There is no longer an accessable Catholic Walk-In Center that offers birthing and care alternatives to conter act the Abortion propaganda machine.Project Rachel(post-abortion counseling) was also at this Center, which was a wonderful combination of services. Project Rachel has also been moved to the Hyattsville location. Supposedly the Archdiocese wants to move these program to individual parishes. But, really? We had a Center with professionals who performed outstanding, confidental services to a very needy population. Birthing and Care Center, RIP. And I bet you didn't see this in the Catholic Standard.

This was the first that I have heard of this and therefore, I did write to the Archdiocese of Washington DC ( asking for a comment. As of this writing, I have not recieved any reply. Should I receive one, I will keep you posted.


Atlantic America said...

What coincidental timing, in light of that which certain Washington politicians have in store for Catholic America, concerning DC's resolved role to be antagonists to basic universal moral theological duties.

Please be detailed in filling us in on how this closing happened. Was news of this in the Catholic Standard? Was this a simple budgeting decision? If so, in preference for what?

Two days in a row of disturbing news from your blog is when a person instinctively tunes in.
If there are informative websites to which to refer, concerning the matter at hand, please post the links to them.


As I posted in my article, I have written to the Archdiocese regarding the closing as to the why and the future plans. The purpose was to give them the opportunity to explain the situation.

It could be that the lease ran out and that it was too expensive to sign a new one. It could be that they were not getting enough "traffic" (so to speak).

Since I do not know the answers as to the why, nor have I seen any additional information anywhere, I felt it was important to hear the reasons why. And they may have valid reasons why.