Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Catholic Church's Fifth Column

Deacon Keith Fournier of Catholic Online, has written a interesting piece on the Catholic Church's Fifth Column.

I use the phrase “fifth column” in reference to people within our Church, fellow Catholics. These folks have rejected the teaching of the Church in an area of moral truth and, rather than honestly admit it and seek to change themselves so that they can properly inform their conscience and give a religious submission of intellect and will,(which is our obligation as faithful Catholics), they now attempt to confuse the faithful. However, they go even further.

They engage in a covert operation intended to undermine the Church. This is done in several ways. Sometimes it is through a kind of slow drip of dissent. Other times through a concerted campaign which overtly opposes the ‘Magisterium’ , the teaching office of the Catholic Church, though still containing its rebellion and opposition within the family of the Church. Still other times it goes beyond all propriety by overtly rejecting the clear teaching of the Church. Then, using a public forum, they intentionally try to hurt the Church and cause a scandal. It is to the last group that I now address this article.

Almost every week brings another instance (sometimes repeated) of this type of activity in the Archdiocese of Washington DC, such as the regular meetings of Voice of the Faithful at Holy Trinity, the DC City Council members (who are "practicing Catholics") who voted to recognize gay marriage or Knights of Columbus who support the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama.

Do you know of a Catholic institution (or maybe a priest of nun) in the Archdiocese of Washington that would fit the Fifth Column profile? Here is your chance to let everyone know.

Send me an email ( and the reason why (just a couple of sentences -- not a research paper). If it is not just some rant and rave, dripping with hate, it may get published over the course of the next few weeks.

Please note, that I may wish to ask some further questions, so if there is an email address at which I can contact you at, that would be best.


Atlantic America said...

We did a very similar thing in Pittsburgh and sent the reports to Wuerl. He did absolutely nothing. As far as your effort is concerned, if Wuerl doesn't act, then your work will be for nothing. Your only alternative would be to send a heavily signed petition to Rome for Wuerl's removal.

In Pittsburgh, one priest taught his baptismal classes that there was no such thing as being conceived in the state of original sin. Wuerl did nothing about it. The same priest claimed that it was okay to go to Holy Communion with gum in your mouth and to then take the gum out, with the host intertwined in it and throw it away, because, according to that priest, the real presence disappers the moment it touches the tongue. The is contrary to an infallible statement established during the Council of Trent.

As far as goes another example, a Pittsburgh director of religious education handed out a book that taught yin and yang as a reality. Wuerl did nothing, again. That same woman claimed that there were no infalible statements on grace, despite the fact that the Council of Trent established 21 of them in one session. The examples go on.

Wuerl and/or his diocesan personnel also did the following deceptive thing: If it were a diocesan priest against whom a complaint was sent, that priest would ever so coincidentally be praised in the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, shortly thereafter. If it were a religious order priest against whom there was a complaint, Wuerl and/or his personnel would ignore the matter entirely.

If you receive any information, immediately make it public. Sending it to the Vatican has repeatedly been proven to be fruitless for the average American. At least this was the case during the John Paul days.

John Paul II had extreme disrespect for America. One reason that he gave for his low view of America was that America wasn't old enough of a nation to gain anyone's regard. Toward the very end of his life, he was quoted as having said that "America has no soul." This disregard for Americans is one of the reasons why sex abuse scandal progressed like a brush fire. If the Americans who sent complaints were not ignored during the John Paul days, things wouldn't have gotten so hideous in the States.

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 articles about the Interfaith Service hosted by Wuerl at St. Mary's in DC:

I note that both articles are silent about the time of the interfaith service. St. Mary's has a 12:05pm Mass on every Friday. But, I was told by someone who attends Mass there that that Friday Wuerl's gathering forced the Mass's cancelation.

Isn't it ironic, yet, sad? A spiritually useless human centered interfaith gathering replaces the sublime and salvific holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ.