Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Voce Italiana drunk on the Fr. Jenkins' Kool-Aid

My friend gave me the latest copy of Voce Italiana. Voce, as my friend commonly calls it, is a“An Italian American Gazette of the Greater Washington DC Area" published by Holy Rosary Church. Holy Rosary is what some refer to as a national or ethnic parish, since it caters to members of one particular ethnic group, in this case, Italians and Italian-Americans. However, as with any of these parishes (and I find nothing wrong with them), anyone is welcome.

As you know, I have blogged about them before.

Well, it seems that the editors of Voce have had a couple of glasses of the Fr. Jenkins' Kool-Aid, instead of a couple of good glasses of Italian wine. Although maybe they had a little too much wine first, and it lead to them to their clouded thinking.

In their editorial section, they decided to piggy back on an article from America Magazine. Right then and there, you know we were in for some subversive thinking Voce backs the idea that it is okay for Catholic schools (ie, Notre Dame) to give awards to non-Catholics, even when they differ in fundamental aspects of faith. Second, Catholics can come to different conclusions regarding matters of faith and it is okay.

Now, if you wish come to different conclusions on how to assist the poor (some say government, some say individual efforts), that is one thing. However, on such issues as abortion and stem cell use, give me a break.

Once again, we ask what is Fr. Tomasi (the Editor-in-Chief) of Voce Italiana thinking. He is a Catholic priest. This is published by a Catholic Church. No amount of side stepping can change that. And, where is the Archdiocese of Washington DC on this? Will they do anything? Probably not.

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