Friday, July 17, 2009

CNS and the Catholic Standard - Sloppy Journalism Again!

The Catholic News Service (CNS) in does the Catholic press and readership a world of disservice by writing stories which are not fully researched. The Catholic Standard, as part of the package that they purchase from CNS, uses their stories without even doing their own investigation.

Case in point: Dr. Regina Benjamin the nominee for Surgeon General.

CNS goes through the regular bio of her. However, there is no mention that:

In December 1996, Benjamin apparently spoke in favor of a vote by the AMA's governing body to "urge medical schools to expand their curriculum" to teach "more about abortion."

She appeared to have supported teaching doctors about abortions in an interview with the Associated Press.

"We are adopting a policy that medical school curriculum provide the legal, ethical, and psychological principles associated with abortion so students can learn all the factors involved," she said.At the time, the AMA voted to reaffirm its policy position favoring abortion, saying the "termination of pregnancy is a medical matter between the patient and physician, subject to the physician's clinical judgment, the patient's informed consent and the availability of appropriate facilities."

Benjamin is also on the board of directors of Physicians for Human Rights, an organization which has spoken out against illegal abortions in many nations across the world. The group has relied on disputed statistics on maternal deaths from abortions to call for legalization.

The group also called on President Bush not to expand the Mexico City Policy, which President Obama overturned in January, that stops sending taxpayer dollars to groups that promote and perform abortions in other nations.

And it asked President Bush to ratify the CEDAW treaty that does not include abortion promotion but has been used by the United Nations to pressure numerous countries to legal abortion or expand abortions further.


Until yesterday, when CNS posted an article on this based on the above.

But to add insult to injury, she is also on the Board of the Catholic Health Association.

What the heck is going on here?

A Board member of CHA who supports and encourages the legalization (and funding) of abortion? What the heck is she doing on the Board? What does that really say about CHA? When the CHA President (a religious) praises this pick (and other things the Most Merciful has done in the past), it really makes you wonder where we they are headed. (And if they think that they won't be required to provide abortions & contraception in the future, you just wait. The CHA president will probably say that the greater evil is not to provide healthcare, therefore, we must accept this little evil.)

It is time for the USCCB to really look at CNS and possibly fire not only the writer of the article but also revamp the whole vetting process that takes place when CNS publishes a story.

The Catholic Standard should not just routinely accept whatever garbage CNS puts their way. They do a great disservice to the Catholic community in this Archdiocese by not telling the whole truth.

On a separate note, so much for the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama's plan to reduce aborition.

He is dividing and conquering the Catholic faithful one at a time and the liberal Catholics are just sucking it up.

Tip of the Hat to the Curt Jester for posting the LifeNews information on the Deacon's Bench.

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