Monday, July 20, 2009

Kill 'em before the are born, and rush them to meet their Maker.

"We know we spend a huge amount of money that last year of life. More and more people are gonna say, I don't want people poking tubes, and, you know, uh, doing all sorts of...stuff. The most important thing we can do on end-of-life care right now: to encourage people to look at hospices as a...legitimate option."

The Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama (last week)

So, he talks about reducing the number of abortions (but actually does not mean it) and now, in order to pay for his health care plan, he is encouraging those in the last year or so of their lives to go die.

So, he does whatever he can to kill off those who are not born and those who are in their last years of their lives.

I wonder if he will encourage his mother-in-law (who by the way is living on the taxpayer dime) to do the same when it is time.

I wonder if the Catholics in the Archdiocese who voted for him, will encourage their parents (and all elderly) who are at the end of their lives, to go to a hospice? Will you encourage them to die earlier?

Is this the change you voted for?

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Mr Flapatap said...

Actually, what I took from the full speech was that euthanasia will become one of the "choices" offered.