Monday, November 30, 2009

Protect Pro-Life Centers in Montgomery County Maryland

Do you live in Montgomery County Maryland? Are you Catholic? Then this is of importance to you. (This is a modified version of an email from the Maryland Catholic Conference.)


The Montgomery County Council is about to pass a resolution that would target pregnancy resource centers, which are pro-life charities that provide both material and emotional support to pregnant women in need, so that they may have healthy pregnancies and children. The resolution would force pregnancy resource centers to tell clients upon first contract that they do not give medical advice and that the women should consult another medical provider before making a decision about her pregnancy. Failure to comply would result in a hefty daily fine.

The resolution singles out these centers because of their pro-life mission. No such requirement is made of any abortion clinics. This resolution is part of a campaign by pro-abortion groups to discredit the good work of pro-life charities. (My comment: This effort is being led by Duchy Trachtenberg, who was in a leadership position of the local NOW chapter and has been a HUGE supporter of pro-abortion and pro-homosexual issues.)

Your assistance is needed to ensure that pregnant women continue to receive support from these competent, compassionate centers. Please call the following members of the Montgomery County Council as soon as possible:

Council President Phil Andrews 240-777-7906
Council VP Roger Berliner 240-777-7828
Councilman Marc Elrich 240-777-7966
Councilwoman Valerie Ervin 240-777-7960
Councilwoman Nancy Floreen 240-777-7959
Councilman Mike Knapp 240-777-7955
Councilman George Leventhal 240-777-7811
Councilwoman Nancy Navarro 240-777-7968
Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg 240-777-7964

To send an email to them, go to

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Katherine said...

This is an offensive proposal. I applaud the Washington Post for running an editorial against it.