Monday, November 16, 2009

Meeting at St. Jude's on Tuesday About Merger

There will be a meeting at St. Jude's about the merger on Tuesday night at 7:30pm in the Thaddeus Room.

It seems that over the weekend, all of the parents were notified that a meeting would take place with Fr. Hines via snail mail.

The Archbishop and Archdiocese have moved faster on this than I even expected!


Anonymous said...

St. Catherine's is also holding a similar meeting Tuesday at 7:30. Its purpose has only been identified to discuss finances and enrollment as they affect the future of the school.

Anonymous said...

Look to the city to find answers for the rapid pace of events in Montgomery County. The Archbishop needs to get things underway fast before it becomes all too evident that his plan for Catholic schools in the city was a total failure.

Anonymous said...

The only response that might buy time for these schools is to involve the media, a Tea Party type demonstation and to enlist high power Catholics. The Archdiocese starts with schools that do not have wealthy. politically connected members.
The Archdiocese wouldn't dream of doing this to Blessed Sacrament, Holy Trinity, Our Lady of Mercy. There are too many wealthy donors in these parishes that they do not want to alientate. Also, these parishes have lawyers , who would slow the closing process with legal steps. The schools that this is happening to MUST make a big deal about this. I can't strss enough the need for media coverage. You need to bring in members from other parishes, fill your halls, fight the good fight!! The is a tidal wave coming to all Montgomery County Catholic schools.This is an Archdiocese move that has more of a need to close schools, rather than work with them to be a success. If you snooze , you will lose. In this case, the meek will not inherit the earth!!!