Monday, November 16, 2009

Time to Shut Down CCHD!

Well folks, the CCHD collection is next week. And you know what to do: DON'T GIVE.

The Catholic Standard has a number of articles on organizations which help the those who are less fortunately. The Archdiocese has circulated fliers and letters.

You would think that after the ACORN scandal and the latest scandal involving three additional organizations, they would have learned. Nope.

You can tell the radical leftists in the Church are running scared. They are pushing for support of CCHD. I guess they are worried that this will dry up one more source for the Alinsky style organziations.

Why does the Catholic Church give to secular organizations, who further their own non-Catholic agendas?

I have been talking about this for over a year. Click here if you wish to see all of my posts.

So, whether you drop a flier in the basket protesting this collection, or even an acorn, that is okay.

The best way is not to give.

However, take that money you would have dropped in the basket and give it to a pro-life organization. Anyone that will uphold our Catholic beliefs.


Katherine said...

"You can tell the radical leftists in the Church are running scared. They are pushing for support of CCHD"

That radical leftist would be Archbishop Wuerl. (Archbishop Dolan of New York as well from what I have seen there).

Anonymous said...

Alinksy Groups, Child Porn Convict, Socialist Tied to CCHD Funding

Jean-Therese Delacroix said...

Well, when you say that the CCHD should be closed down (or in my POV, reformed), my Bishop in Arlington just said that after doing much consultation that he was going to continue the CCHD collection.

And get this . . . he actually was thinking about cancelling the whole thing! I don't know what was on his mind -- I guess I'll see when Bishop Loverde comments on my blog (apparently, they stalked me down based on my stats from

Dymphna said...

I just don't understand Bishop Loverde.

Katherine said...

Dymphna, dear, Bishop Loverde probably doesn't udnerstand you, either. :)