Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Because of the seriousness of the issue below, I am postponing my story on education in the Archdiocese till later in the week. Thanks for understanding.


If you are Catholic and believe that abortion is immoral, that the government should not fund abortions and that Catholics in the health care field should not be forced to either quit their jobs or help commit murder, then you need to help stop the health care bill.

From American Papist:

it is believed that Pelosi will bring her health care bill to a vote in the House of Representatives this week. I am strongly against this bill and so are the US bishops. Please visit to contact your representatives demanding they VOTE NO on it!


Update (7:30am): Congratulations to the supporters of True Marriage in Maine. You defeated the gay marriage proposal, even though you were outspent almost 2 to 1. Maybe that is why homosexuals are fighting so hard not to put it to a vote in DC. Maybe they know that they cannot win by the ballot box.

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