Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pro-Life Centers are Under Attack in the Archdiocese of Washington

If you read my posting on Sunday, you would have noted that the County Council of the People's Republic of Montgomery County is going after Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

According to Duchy Trachtenberg (D) these centers provide false and misleading statements because they don't cover abortions. Mmmm...I wonder if she will require the Planned Parenthood Clinics and all those who provide abortions to cover the various studies that have been done linking abortions with depression, emotional problems with those born after an abortion, etc.

Our colleagues over at Restore DC Catholicism describe the radical anti-Catholic nature of the Montgomery County Council. Take some time and write to them.

If you don't think that this is a back handed attack on the Church, then you really need to wake up.


Mr Flapatap said...

The pro-aborts in MoCo do not have a basis for this, they just hate options other than abortion. Below are the steps currently taken by (at least) one of the pregnancy centers in MoCo to squelch misunderstandings.

• In the telephone book we advertise under “Abortion Alternatives.”
• In our website we have 4 disclaimers in strategic locations:

a. Under “Services” we have a disclaimer that our pregnancy counseling is performed by volunteers trained in crisis pregnancy and is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling.
b. Under “Options” we have a disclaimer that the information we are providing is for general educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional help.
c. Under “Abortion FAQ” where the question is asked, “Do you perform abortions?” we state that we are not an abortion provider.
d. Under “ Abortion Checklist” we state our commitment is to offer supportive care and life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

• On the phone if someone calls thinking we are an abortion clinic we come right out and state, “ we are not an abortion provider – we are a pregnancy center,” and tell them what we can do. We do the same for a walk-in.

• When we do a pregnancy test, we tell the client that it is only 99% accurate and that they need to follow up with a doctor for confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Town Hall to address this issue will be held at Tilden Middle School on Old Georgetown Road on the evening of Wednesday Nov. 18 8:00 pm.