Friday, November 13, 2009

Archdiocese Stands Tall on Gay Marriage Issue

Well, I thought that I would never see this day, but the Archdiocese is really standing its' ground on the gay marriage issue in DC. It has basically told the DC Council (who seems to see this as a threat), that they will begin to shut down their various services to the homeless, if the legislation forces them to basically recognize gay marriage, as part of their various services. For more information, click here.

Considering the fact that the Archdiocese pumps in $10 million donated by Catholics, and countless hours, to help the homeless, I think that the DC Council may want to reconsider their actions.

However, since they seem hell bent on doing this, I am challenging the the gay community to put your money where your mouth is. If you believe so strongly in your cause, raise over $10 million dollars per year from your own pocket (not from the taxpayer) and donate 1000s of hours to help care for the homeless in the District.

Either put up of shut up.

For more on this, The Foundry, American Papist and Marriage Matters.


Dymphna said...

They won't. Gays don't care about homeless people or much else outside of their own cause.

Anonymous said...

This stand by our Archdiocese is just a little too late. When the Archdiocese closed the 12 Consortium Catholic schools in D.C., they gave a clear message that they were standing down. The Archdiocese removed 12 centers of Catholic teaching and Catholic outreach. Who will fill this gap? What religious group understand the need that people in our city have for the word of God? 2,500 less children are attending Catholic schools in the city, not because they don't want to, but because our Archdiocese has removed these bastions from their midsts. So Archdiocese, take your grand, but empty stand. Threaten to remove Catholic Charities, where you charge and make money from your varied services. Weep for the true abandoment of Catholicism from our city.

Jack said...

What the Church did here is cruel and heartless. They are using the poor and marginalized as a simple bargaining chip to stand on some nonexistent moral highground. If the church is going to preach that we should love your enemies, they could start off by showing a little compassion themselves.

Anonymous said...

This IS a ridiculous and cruel stand by the Archdiocese. The two concerns have nothing to do with one another. They're going to hold the poor hostage because of something political with which they don't agree? Again, a perfect example of how separation of church and state will never happen.

Priests, bishops, etc. should never legislate from the pulpit... and it's ironic that many of the priests that don't want to give the same basic rights to gay couples and straight couples are gay themselves. The church can pay lawsuits to people because of priests that have committed sexual sins on society, but they can't feed the poor? That's the WORST SIN that anyone can commit. How terrible!

And by the way, most gay men and women that I know are some of the most compassionate people and show more similarities to Christ than any other "Christians" that go to church each week. These are the people that couldn't care less about the homeless driving their Hummers and SUVs around to pick up their kids. They don't have a clue about helping others. But isn't it terrific that they pro-create and go to mass?

I know plenty of gay men and women that donate time tutoring inner-city kids, working with homeless and disabled citizens, and have fund-raisers for many of the other marginalized in society.

Jesus is cringing at the decision to put the church's gay rule above the Golden Rule.

Viator Catholicus said...

Hey radical leftist spin-doctors! It's is your precious anti-Christian agenda that is forcing the church out of the social welfare sphere.
The Church's prime mission is to be FAITHFUL TO CHRIST. If the government tries to force it to cooperate with something immoral, the church (including every single Catholic individual) must refuse!
So, while the church is now still free to do so (but those allied with the forces of Hell will certainly move to try to destory it-unsuccessfully in the end), it must stream line its social welfare efforts if those efforts will compromise its moral stand of fidelity to Christ's teachings.
The evil here is completely on the part of intolerant liberal radicals who do not respect the church's freedom of conscience and wish to force it and all society to accept perverse sexcual activity as normative.

But, since you want to redefine the reality of marriage, why not just redefine the reality of poverty! If man plus man can marriage; redefine poor man as rich man! See how easy it is to end poverty! [Hopefully, you can see how stupid it is to redefine marriage so arbitrarily.]