Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reminder, DO NOT GIVE TO CCHD Collection Sunday!

First, I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone who may read this blog to keep in mind the parishioners, parents and students at the various schools we have discussed over the last week or so. For them, it is a very hard time. A time of shock. A time of disbelief. And for some, it may even shake their faith in the Church.

So, I would ask everyone, if you remember, to please offer up the Sunday Mass for them.

Again, this Sunday is CCHD Sunday and it is time again to send a message to the Conference of Bishops that we will no longer fund non-Catholic organizations, especially those who work against us.

In the past, I have asked you to take the funds that you would give to CCHD and not to spend it on adult beverages or the movies, but to give it to a good Catholic Charity. This year, give it to the nearest Catholic School and ask that it be used for a family who is having a tough time paying the tuition.


Anonymous said...

At my parish this morning only 4 people contributed to the second collection, The Catholic Campaighn of Human Develpment. Really, that the Archdiocese would even dare ask for our money for this organization after they have robbed Catholics for political purposes for over 10 years, is an outrage! I wonder what other questionable activities our Archdiocese funds with OUR money. Obviously not our schools! Open your financial books, Archdiocese of Washington!!!!

Anonymous said...

My dear Archbishop, If you count all of the money stashed under your bed, it will not come to a million dollars. Are you going to rent out Saint Matthews? You might get a million for that. But you have not got a million for anything else you might have rented out. The walls are closing in on you on this one. Open up those books!