Tuesday, March 2, 2010


According to AP:

The Archdiocese of Washington will change an employee health care policy because of a same-sex marriage law expected to take effect this week in D.C.
Starting on Tuesday, the church will no longer let employees of its Catholic Charities add spouses to their health care coverage.

Catholic Charities, which provides services such as substance abuse treatment programs and shelters, employees some 850 people. Church spokeswoman Susan Gibbs says currently about 10 percent of those employees have their spouses covered by their health care plan. Catholic Charities sent a letter to employees Monday about the changes. Without them the church could have had to extend coverage to an employee's same-sex spouse.

A bill allowing same-sex marriage is expected to become law in the city on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

When Wednesday comes, let us know if you see even the tinge of an sulfuric yellow glow rising up from the D.C. horizon? If not then look outward into the sky. We need to know if things have been put on hold or if it's a coming; "it" being the obvious.

Anonymous said...

So, Catholic Charities gets to save some money now, right? Family members are now out the cold, right?

Wuerl's grand standing on the issue was no more than that. Grand standing and no results.

D.C. now gets to be the San Francisco of the East.

The proposal to move the nation's capital to the middle of the country is now looking really really good. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Anonymous said...

This following is enlightening:

Elsewhere on the Internet is mention of this, in broad and general terms. Concerning it, one blogger said:

"Archbishop Donald Wuerl of D.C. is a political parasite."

A comment board commentator who was not anonymous said:

"I hope the Church is forced to do charity without state-funds, any association with the State corrupts the Church. I think this has been a major source of corruption in the Church and I hope they really do follow their principles and do charitable work without "public funds" (i.e. other people's money). It will be interesting to see if they put their money (oops, other peoples money) where their mouth is on this one."

This teaches us that people generally show common sense when they are allowed to think.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the money saved by less Catholic Charities funding can finally go to OUR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, our last hope for providing our children with ongoing daily, Faith Formation. Children, educated in the our Faith Tradition, are the future of the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

Let's play, "What's Wrong with this Picture." There is some splaining that has to be done.

Firstly, we have long since learned that, when Wuerl makes a decision, it is attached to an ulterior motive. What is his motive in this one? The three general motives are: 1] Money, 2] Power, 3] Hiding something incriminating about his actions as bishop.

Wurtl stopped extended medical care to family members of CC employees, in fear that some of those employees will have gain married status through a Sodom & Gomorrah type of relationship, thereby making the Catholic Church a catering to and an accomplice of one of the four sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance. Yet, federal law has long since had the religious exemption regarding EEOC law. This means that Catholic Charities is not under the obligation to hire anyone unwilling to adhere to Roman Catholic moral precepts. So, what are active Sodomists doing in an organization dedicated to Catholic precepts?

Apparently, there are active Sodomites working for CC who are intent of institutionalizing Sodomy.

One more thing, can someone confirm the following?

Is it true that Wuerl stated, in a round about or direct way, that he only objects to accommodating a same sex couple if the wording declares them to be married? In other words, did he state that he is willing to support Sodomy if it is committed under a name different than 'married household?'