Friday, March 26, 2010

Stupid Biden Comment

Yes folks, it is that time to recognize the highest ranking elected official in the United States, who happens to be "Catholyc": Vice President Joseph Biden.

Now, many of us consider the term used in the video to be vulgar and an obsenity. For many in our culture -- rap artists, hollywood script writers, assorted Mafia members -- this is just part of their normal speech pattern.

However, have you noticed how silent the mainstream media is on this? If Dan Quayle or Dick Cheney had said it, you could be damn certain that the media would be talking about it for days. And, if you followed the story a bit, the Most Merciful's press secretary, when asked about it, said yes, the Vice President was right.

But I think that there will be a much more damage in the longer term.

Do you remember when Monica and Bill had their thing? It was reported on a number of occassions that teenagers were saying: "Hey, if the President of the US can do it with an intern, then what makes it so wrong?"

I can see teenagers now saying: "Hey the Vice President said it, nobody got on his case, so why can't I say it?"

Who elected that idiot anyway?

PS: At this rate, I can start another blog just on the STUPID stuff he says.

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