Monday, March 15, 2010

Stand Up Against the Monster Called Health Care Reform

Although the Catholic Health Association, IMHO, has sold its' soul in endorsing this train wreck about to happen, you don't have to. Please call or write to your Representatives to stop this from happening.

Here is an interesting story about why the Democrat Party is pushing abortion is health care.

Here is a link to a listing of all Reps by state.

Contact them. Today.


Tom in Vegas said...

Nancy Pelosi - a train wreck herself - seemed quite perky and fluffy on today's news, claiming that the passage of this bill by next Friday was virtually certifiable. The so-called experts comprising the panel, weren't so sure.

My stellar senator, who happens to be none other than Harry Reid, is a huge part of the problem. Up for re-election this year, he's fighting for his political life right now but has been in a similar position in the past and won re-election nonetheless. I wrote to him not too long ago expressing my dislike for this bill (and for him) and got for a response what is tantamount to BS.

Folks like Pelosi and Reid are creating their own country and fighting for their own people.

Anonymous said...

There will be a rally "Kill The Bill!" on Tuesday morning from 10-11. Please, if you work nearby, come to this Rally.
What: CODE RED Health Care Rally to…Kill The Bill!

When: March 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM EST.
Where: Capitol Hill, Taft Park, Washington D.C. It is on the side of the Capital Building.