Friday, March 26, 2010

Could this be the reason why Archbishop Wuerl was silent over the last few weeks?

UPDATE: According to CATHOLICVOTE.ORG, Sr. Keehan has decided that this is not the appropriate time to speak to the Society. If you go the Society website, her name has been removed from the Dinner notice.


Sr. Carol Keehan is scheduled to speak at the Annual Dinner of the John Carroll Society on April 16th. The John Carroll Society:

Founded in 1951...promotes the enhancement of spiritual, intellectual and social fellowship among its members—in service to the Archbishop of Washington. The Society is named after the first Catholic bishop in the United States.

The Society accomplishes this goal principally through a series of events scheduled throughout the calendar year. Most notably, these events include the Red Mass and Rose Mass, for the region's Catholic legal and health care professionals (respectively).

It is time to write to the Society (let's be nice) to rescind the invitation to speak.

This one of the reasons, in my opinion, why the Archbishop was so silent during the last few weeks.

It would be pretty embarrassing for him to come out against someone who you invited to speak at the annual dinner. Especially, someone who sold out the unborn and worked against the bishops on this. But then again, the Archbishop seems to have no problem honoring pro-abortionists like Steve and Cokie Roberts and John Sweeney, so why should he have a problem with this.

In fact, I bet that when challenged, he will use the Notre Dame Defense: We are not honoring her, we are just inviting her to speak.

The John Carroll Society
P.O. Box 454
Glen Echo, MD 20812
Phone: 202-537-6110

PS: Makes me wonder what the Standard will actually print after the event. I'll be watching. And a thank you to Tom Peters over at for bringing this to our attention.

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Dymphna said...

I read this morning that the JCS has uninvited her. I hope it's true.