Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suddenly, he supports us...

According to Catholic News Service (CNS) dated: March 10, 2010:

A business tax credit benefiting public and nonpublic schools received a major boost when Gov. Martin J. O'Malley threw his public support behind the long-sought measure. The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted 10-5 to send the proposal to the Senate, but discussion on the floor planned for March 10 was held up a day so one Democratic lawmaker could prepare an amendment to ensure that special needs children have access to private schooling. The bill itself would establish a business tax credit known as BOAST, or Building Opportunities for All Students and Teachers in Maryland. It would grant businesses a 75 percent state income tax credit for donations to scholarship organizations for nonpublic school students. It also would support enrichment programs in public schools and professional development for public and private school teachers. "The BOAST bill will increase scholarships for children in low- and middle-income families and stabilize enrollment in nonpublic schools," O'Malley said in a March 3 letter to the Senate committee. "I believe the bill is crucial if we are to stem the tide of private school closures in the state." O'Malley said school closures "represent a loss of educational diversity and opportunity for our students and will ultimately increase costs and enrollment pressures on our public school systems." Support for the tax credit found a sense of urgency after the Baltimore Archdiocese announced March 4 what it called a consolidation plan affecting 13 schools -- 12 elementary and one secondary. Under the plan the schools will close next fall, with each of those schools paired with a receiving school to accept its students.

Did you notice that the ultimate reason is he is worred about the increase in budget expenditures? He knows that every child in a Caholic school saves the State of Maryland and local governments $12,000.

I wonder if he would feel the same if there was an economic boom?

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Kat said...

The superentendent of dc catholic schools is leaving in June came across the adw Twitter feed.Catholic schools superintendent stepping down in June; leaves great legacy