Friday, March 5, 2010

Not a Good Week

Well, it has not been a good week for the Archdiocese of Washington DC and those who believe in true marriage.

First, the Archdiocese takes a bit of a beating in the media due to the changes in the health care benefits offered to new employees.

Second, same-sex marriages are allowed in DC.

The second matter should send a wake up call to Catholics who are faithful to the Church. We need to start to elect lawmakers who believe as we do. We cannot just simply pull the lever for someone because they have been there for a long time or are part of one party.

The first matter should really be a wake up call not only for this Archdiocese and Catholic Charities but for all. That call should be: "Do not get involved in contracts with government." This call should not be based on the so called "separation of church/state." It is more along the lines that when you take money from the government, you almost become addicted to it. You will do almost whatever it takes to keep from losing it, including keeping silent at times.

I believe, and I have done so for a long time, that we should divest ourselves of all government contracts.

I hope that the Archdiocese of Washington DC will, as the contracts come to an end, refuse to renew them and get out. Let the DC goverment and their citizens learn the hard way that they will pay more, and get less, because they are pandering to a small but vocal minority.

And those are my thoughts. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article, concerning the wisdom conveyed in it. Articles like this one lead to the next version of the Magna Carta, whatever the version will be.

This article is such a common sensed assessment. No problem there, being that Carmelite Spirituality has always taught that, the closer you get to God, the more simply understood things are.

If D.C. only had an archbishop who was not a one man tower of babble.

Anonymous said...

In re: "I believe, and I have done so for a long time, that we should divest ourselves of all government contracts."

Yes. Without doubt. A Padre Pio chapter prez of the Pittsburgh area was a super common sensed electrical engineer who taught natural family planning for the diocese. When the idea of government funded church undertakings was not commonly accepted, he said that the church should not get involved with government funding at all. His reason was:

The church will abridge its doctrine and abandon its moral obligations for government money. The church will jump through a government hoop for that money and abandon the faith, step by step.

You saw what happened regarding Wuerl's acquiescence of Kerry, Pelosi, and Dodd in the sacrament of the altar. He cow-towed to the holders of the purse, allowing them to commit sacrilege at the altar of their choice. Wuerl abandoned the faith in that instance, claiming that he was protecting the faith in the process. Orwellian Wuerl.

Wuerl cut out a lot of things Catholic. It was just not the Pelosi thing. The Pelosi thing got notice because of Wuerl's insult to the reasonable intelligence when he gave his excuse for allowing political sacrilege at the aforesaid altar.

The Archdiocese of Washington Catholic writer is correct on this one. After all, the sacred script reads, "Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these thing will come to you, in process." (21st Century Yankee American translation.)

Well, you get the point. Wuerl probably does too. It's just that he's too much a coward to open his archdiocese up to divine providence. Interesting how the biggest cowards are the ones noted for having employed bully tactics. He might not have done the bully tactic thing in D.C., but the physically tiny Donald Wuerl definitely operated in the bully mode while in Pittsburgh.

In D.C. thus far, Wuerl has been using the semantic head game as his modus operandi, reminiscent of a Dan Akroyd skit on Saturday Night Live back in the 70s. It is as if Wuerl is trying to sell us "Little Johnny Bag of Glass," with all its sharp broken pieces, "cause the kids love the shimmer of the pieces when reflected off of light."

For the record, "Little Johnny Bag of Glass" was a product that the Dan Akroyd character promoted in front of the Jane Curtain character one Saturday in the 70s. Let's face it, all we have today are pieces and pieces of a broken church. And Wuerl was there throughout all the breaking, year after year and decade after decade.

Anonymous said...

When Wuerl first arrived in town, he was preceded by a larger than life reputation. So, people assumed that Wuerl was revered in Pittsburgh. However, people did not take into account that a notable number of Pittsburghers sued Wuerl in civil and sent letters of complaint against Wuerl to Rome. None the less, the hero status of Wuerl turned out to be a hoax, and it made Pittsburghers look like gullible fools.

Well, let it be known that there were people in Pittsburgh were on to Wuerl no differently than D.C. Catholics are now. It's just that Wuerl had Ann Rogers-Melnick making Wuerl look like Beowulf in her Pittsburgh Post Gazette articles. Wuerl had an active propaganda machine.

The other thing is that Wuerl had the elapsing of time on his side in Pittsburgh. Wuerl has been in D.C. for about four years. And yes, people are on to him. Well, during Wuerl's first four, six, and eight years in Pittsburgh, that was the case there, too. Then came an entire generation of 12 and 14 year old school students who were not there to witness Wuerl's first five and ten years in Pittsburgh. Ever so coincidentally, Wuerl got photo opped with these young students, receiving shows of respect from these individuals who didn't know what Wuerl did to people and the church.

Anonymous said...

This government contract thing is Wuerl's version of thirty pieces of silver.

Anonymous said...

Not a good week? With Wuerl in power it's never a good week.

Kat said...

Until Rome is willing to do something what can we do? All the kavetching in the world isn't worth a hill of beans unless there is a proactive plan for a solution. If you don't like the Archbishop and what he is doing what is the solution? Time to do something and not just fuss about it adnausium.

Anonymous said...

Here is the response to KAT, the commenter of March 6, 9:34 AM.

KAT is 100% correct. It is time to do something about it. Coincidentally, this comment was posted on the same calendar date when the following website's final edition went online:

Divine Providence? Well, let's see.

What to do?


1 - Compile documentation against Wuerl and send to Vatican. Petition for Wuerl's removal.

2 - Let the Catholic public know that Wuerl has been deceiving it for years.

3 - Cut off the fuel supply to Wuerl's power plays, as in "$$$".

4 - Call canon law society for added options, provided that there is readily available evidence against Wuerl. This is where comes in handy.

There actually is online documentation and photocopy evidence against Wuerl, concerning his episcopal duties. It is available to anyone with internet access. Within the pages of that website, and within the pages linked from that website, are enough things to build a case for Wuerl's removal. There are 32 to 33 links included in that website, including links to photocopy evidence.

The first thing was to see to it that the Catholic public knew what evils were being committed by Wuerl. He had a very deceptive propaganda machine that made him look like the hero of the ages. All that propaganda turned out to be a hoax. But, do the majority of Catholics know this?

Make the construction and publication of the following website something that was not done in vain:

Postage to Rome is not all that expensive, at last count. In fact, the pope's email address is:

Take it from there, and think 'teamwork.'

Anonymous said...

In re: "Unless Rome is willing to do something about it, what can we do?"


How do you know that Rome knows what's going on in D.C? Wuerl was repeatedly able to present a facade of himself to the Vatican, in person. He can easily put up a smoke screen that hides his evils.

Wuerl had the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in his back pocket. The Ann Rogers-Melnick articles that made him look like Friedrich Nietzsche's Uberman is what was written ad nasium. She made it look as if no investigation of any kind against Wuerl was ever needed. She even did it during the year when Wuerl's name was all over U.S. Supreme Court briefs, in complaint of him.

I'll bet that, when Wuerl showed up in D.C., you thought he had a crystal clean sex abuse record and he would not even think of abandoning seven inner schools in the stroke of one pen. So, what does the Vatican think of him?

Are you sure that the correct Vatican officials received the evidence which incriminates Wuerl?

Shouldn't you start by making sure that the Vatican knows the scorecard on Wuerl?

Anonymous said...

I just got done looking at that Kat's blog. Uhm, does she realize that people don't care about reading articles about someone cleaning out her shelves?

Let's see here. She rails against the D.C. Catholic guy, saying that his efforts are pointless, asking, "Until Rome is willing to do something what can we do?" She then goes and cleans her shelves and writes about it, as if that is more important than the subject matter presented by the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic blogger.

She actually posted multiple photos of her shelves, as if anyone cares. Maybe this is her message, doing it: In order to rescue the church from its deterioration, go and re-arrange your shelves.

Heck, after doing that, why not take a rubber ducky, put it in a paper bag, and twirl that bag over your head, while screaming, "soooouieee?" It will have the same effect in the effort to save the church from the sabotoge occurring from within.

Anonymous said...

Divesting ourselves of all government contracts will bring a feeling of freedom. The church has been in existence for centuries. Has it lived off of government contracts in all that time? The promise is that the church will carry on, even without government contracts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kat Woman doesn't know that there will be an opening in the college of cardinal come July of this year. Maybe she doesn't feel that sense of urgency which is presently being accompanied by that sense of pending doom. Even Wuerl's prolonged presence in D.C., without a cardinal's hat, gives you that sense of doom.

Kat said...

Anon 9:34 on March 6, 2010.

Wow. you have a problem with the fact that I wrote about cleaning out a pantry? I don't have a deep theological, sociological or psychological purpose to my blog. By the way, break out your Summa before coming over to my house and playing again.

I, at times, may be a complete smart a** but my blog is a personal blog, run for no other purpose then keeping my friends and family up to date.

Lastly, grow up. Really, you have nothing better to say then whine about me talking about cleaning my pantry? Lent is a time for clearing out ones life, I chose to make it not just an exorcise in mental and spiritual gymnastics but one of physical cleaning as well.

Kat said...

Also, I never railed against this blogger, I put it to the question what is proactively being done? Because kvetching about something with no action is pointless and a waste of brain power and energy.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are going to do the rubber ducky thing, you might as well as click your shoes together, while saying, "There's no place like home." But, quite frankly, I doubt that it will make Wuerl disappear.

There has just got to be some resort somewhere in Europe where Wuerl can take an early retirement. It should be time for him to bail out and run away, being that everything in this country sounds like that creaking hillside house that is about to go crashing down onto the shoreline below.

Anonymous said...

The following excerpt of this article should be done in bold print.

"You will do almost whatever it takes to keep from losing it, including keeping silent at times."

... "it" being government contracts.

In fact, that line should read:

"You will do almost whatever it takes to keep from losing it, including that of committing multiple sins of accessory."

In the alternate, it could read:

"You will do almost whatever it takes to keep from losing it, including that of being an accomplice to the government when this government of fallible creatures engages in a crime against their creator."

Something like that.

Anonymous said...

You see! Even in the Kat related comments, it rings true again.

Donald Wuerl brings the worst out in everyone.


Anonymous said...

This is a response to the following Kat Woman comment:

"Because kvetching about something with no action is pointless and a waste of brain power and energy."

Time out here!

There are things posted at this particular blogspot that I would not know about, if it weren't for the article and even comments posted here.

This blog is like a convenient store of information. This blog makes it quicker to learn of things. This is the kind of blog that you check into, just to see if you are missing anything. This blog is definitely NOT a waste of time. It's a step on a needed stairwell.

Anonymous said...

Dear D.C. Catholic Guy:

You are doing a good job, especially when considering that this web log is the product of only one person. You perform a service --- free of charge.

Kat said...

First of all if anything I have said was out of line on this blog I apologize, but the fact remains, if all one does is complain and has no actions or plan of action it is a waste of energy and that is not so much directed at the blogger, it never was, it was a generalization and if that was not clear I apologize.

But the truth of the matter goes back to my original comment what can be done? What is anyone doing? (not just complaining about the status quo). For this I ended up with a troll on my own blog who felt the need to attack me, insult my mother and call St. Thomas Aquinas an heretic among other things because I had the audacity to have a sense of humor and joke about a quote of his found on the internet and proceed to insult Tom at Disputations (really you want to insult him?) So yes, I did ridicule my Troll, on my blog.

I never implied, or intended to imply or insult or intended to insult this blogger, in fact I didn't become a regular reader until recently because of a friend alerting me to comments on another posting. I have my own experiences with the Archbishop, and have even in an email to this blogger tried to be more then charitable where he is concerned. But I still say kvetching can't be the be all and end all of what is done. The rubber needs to meet the road, if (I use that word out of charity) the Archbishop is that bad why are we (the people of the ADW) sitting around and doing nothing but fussing about it? Yes this blog can be a good resource, and I thank the blogger for compiling the information, I was not saying anything against that and if it came across that way I'm sorry.

I own my comments even if I am a jerk, I have the decency to sign my name or pseudonym to them.


To Anon on March 6 at 9:54pm:

If you do not like what Kat has written on her blog, then don't go there. It is her blog and she writes what she likes.

I don't know Kat. Never met her. But your comments are uncalled for.

Tom in Vegas said...

"Anonymous", with all due respect, you're quite a recreant to hide the way you do.

Anonymous said...
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First, please note that there will be no more comments on this topic posted.

Second, to the person who stated that if I do not post his/her comments, he/she will post it somehwere else and state that I refused to do so, all I can say is, go ahead.