Friday, November 19, 2010

Can Someone Help This Reader....

We have a reader who has asked for assistance.

This person is a parishioner at St. Rose of Lima. It seems that things are getting quite out of control at St. Rose of Lima -- between VOTF, the Spirituality Lectures, etc.

The reader is asking: Are there any good parishes in the Archdiocese in which the pastor and priests are faithful to the Magesterium?

Any recommendations?


Katherine said...

St. Bernadette's in Silver Spring, MD has wonderful priests and beautiful liturgies, particularly the 11am. I've never heard of anything happening at the parish that shouldn't be. Msgr. will even occasionally have a Tridentine Mass.

Anonymous said...

St John Neumann is just east of St
Rose and has such qualities. We even
Have a Tridentine Mass at 1:30 Sun.

Viator Catholicus said...

Msgr. Vaghi at Little Flower in Bethesda (off Massachusets Ave) is an orthodox priest with a heart of a true shepherd. Fr. Stuart who resides there is also a solid and zealous priest. Both offer Mass reverently. The only probably is the music of some of the Masses.