Monday, November 22, 2010

Catholic Standard Weekly Update

Yes, is that time (trumpets blare, women swoon, children cheer, etc.) for the Weekly Update of the Catholic Standard.

We have an two articles focusing on Cardinal George of Chicago: Protection of Iraqi Catholics and the Health Care debate.

You know, I was thinking, how many people and groups stood up against the burning of the Koran, but when terrorists (Muslim terrorists to be exact) enter a Catholic Church and murder people in prayer, not a sound is uttered by the President et al.

There is a story on the National Council of Catholic Women and one of their speakers -- Sr. Carol Keehan. Yes, the same Sr. Carol Keehan who fully supported the Most Merciful's Health Care program. She says: "We need to be utterly intolerant of trashing other people in the Church." Well then Sr. K, then support life and not a pro-abortion president. Sorry, you reap what you sow.

Again, we hear about supporting CCHD as a way of "giving Thanks to the Lord." Tell me, is the way of giving thanks to support those groups that oppose us? I don't think so.

According to the article, it seems that our Catholic funds went to pay for two libraries and youth recreation centers in Ward 8? Personally, I would have thought that it is something that taxpayer dollars were to be used for. I mean the Archdiocese is having difficulty building a recreation center at the corner of Randolf and Georgia Ave., for the CYO program and yet, we are more than willing to spend $$ on things that we pay taxes for.

We have a full page on the different things you can do in regards to the Consistory. You can wear red (lame), you can send a spiritual bouquet (good), you can watch it live (good) or participate in a Holy Hour (good).

Congratulation to Sr. Rynn, the Principal of Little Flower School. She received the 2010 National Distinguished Principal Award by the NAESP. Congrats.

Congrats also Archbishop Carroll for honoring Fr. Leslie Branch.

And, let us thank/congratulate the following schools:

  • St. Mary in Bryantown for their charitable work for the Foundation of Children w/ Cancer.
  • Annunciation in DC for their support of "Treas 4 Our Troops"
  • St. Peter's for honoring their Principal on Veterans Day.
  • Archbishop Neale School (La Plata) for winning first place in the Careers Category of the Charles Co. Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Festival.

Great story on the Run for Vocations during the Marine Corp Marathon.

Well folks, that's it for this week. Tune in next week when we will review the "Collectors Edition of the Catholic Standard" on the Consistory.

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