Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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I have a copy of a letter Bishop Knestout sent to all parishes Sept 24 asking them to participate in a solemn vigil for all nascent human life with the Pope on November 27th. This was never announced in our parish or in the Catholic Standard, but a parishioner of another D.C. parish obtained it from his parish after asking about such a vigil after Pope Benedict's request was publicized on the web.

This person also emailed the Archdiocesan office of life issues concerning this vigil and was told that they didn't have time to create a flyer concerning this vigil (a flyer for what--does anyone know where one such vigil is occuring in the entire Archdiocese of Washington?)

"The Archdiocese made known to pastors to do what makes sense with regard to timing and expression of this vigil. We understand that this is a busy weekend for parishes here in the US … not only is it the first Sunday of Advent, but it is also Thanksgiving weekend.

The Department of Life Issues is not putting together a flyer for this … unfortunately, this also hits us at an extremely busy time as we prepare for two Youth Rallies and an Adult/Family Rally all taking place on January 24th the morning of the March for Life. We simply do not have the “manpower” to work on a flyer for the vigil."

18-20 babies were murdered in my parish this past Saturday at the local abortion clinic. My parish has much time to organize a bazaar, the pastor says a Mass for peace in Iraq/Afghanistan the first Friday of every month, and we pray every week for those who have been killed by accidents and acts of terror around the world, whereupon said pastor adds a special prayer for those who are unemployed but never, EVER do we pray for those who have been killed at our own parish abortion clinic this past week.

There is no time to organize any prayer for the 50 million children aborted in the U.S. on November 27, but there have been two full page ads for the Mass for Thanksgiving for Archbishop Wuerl on November 28 in the Catholic Standard.

There is an article on the site now:

And of course there was more than enough time to make the announcement in all the parishes yesterday inviting us all to wear red to celebrate Archbishop's Wuerl becoming cardinal.

When I heard it the same thought occurred to me that if I wore anything it would be black in expression of deepest mourning...

And yet, do you get this, the same pope appointed him...

P.S. Everyone keeps saying how the priesthood has fallen 100,000 etc. Does anyone know how much the money has fallen or have government funds made it all up?


Anonymous said...

Per this site Jesus Divine Word parish is having a holy hour:

There was some concern that the pope had requested a simultaneous keeping of this vigil - which would be 2 pm DC time & also that because of universal 5:00 p.m. masses, vespers would not be said. [perhaps pope believes these 5:00 pm masses should be as rare as the EF mass is in U.S. (i.e. one EF in all parishes and one 5:00 pm mass in entire diocese].

I believe it would be very powerful to do a vigil from 2-5 pm perhaps using "Life Witness Prayer Book", followed by 5:00 pm mass and ending with Benediction.

Anonymous said...

But they did have time to make flyers and other preparations to celebrate Wuerl becoming a cardinal.