Monday, November 29, 2010

Cardinal Wuerl...Some thoughts...

I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday.

Over the last few days, I have been thinking about the elevation of Cardinal Wuerl. I did not go to the Mass of Thanksgiving yesterday.

Nevertheless, I have been asking myself why the Holy Father would do this. Is it simply because Cardinal McCarrick is no longer eligible to vote. Is is simply because the Holy Father believes that he is the best person for the job? Is it that the Holy Father, guided by the Holy Spirit, believes that there is something else in store for him down the road?

As much as I believe that Cardinal Wuerl is not the best choice for this Archdiocese, I have to believe that the Holy Father, guided by the Holy Spirit, knows what is best.

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Anonymous said...

"Pope Benedict XVI has asked the newest cardinals not to ask Christ to come down from the cross, but rather to unite themselves faithfully to Him for the redemption of the world.

At a St. Peter’s Basilica Mass on November 21, the Pope gave eachof the 24 newest cardinals a ring with the image of a crucifix emblazoned on it. The image was intended to remind them that their ministry is dependent upon their fidelity to the crucified Christ."

'Cardinal Donald Wuerl said it was humbling to know that his honor reflected the faith of the people of the Archdiocese of Washington, and the importance of the nation's capital. But he noted, "It's exciting to be the one that gets to wear that hat in service of the Church universal." '

I can't imagine Jesus Christ using the word "exciting" to describe "be[ing] the one who gets to wear" the crown of thorns and be crucified in service to his bride the Church. Even a Catholic Standard reporter seems a little put off by this last supper:

"...practiced the chorus with the pilgrims just after they sat down in the restaurant.

Instead of singing "Volare, woe-o-oh," the pilgrims were instructed to sing, "Cardinale Wu-e-erl."

Maybe cardinal's red is not only a sign of potential martyrdom, but also occasional blushing, yet Cardinal Wuerl was a good sport and smiled as the crowd burst into song, and the seminarians sang verses that included:

"He studied in Rome at the NAC

"And then Cardinal Wright brought him back!"

"Cardinale Wu-e-erl!"

"To Seattle the pope asked him to go

"And to the Church he never says no!"

"Cardinale Wu-e-erl!"

"To Pittsburgh he gladly returned

"'Cause for the Steelers his heart really yearned."


Then a line about coming to Washington that I won't repeat, followed by "One day the Pope gave him a call, to make him a cardin-al" (chorus) and the penultimate verse, "Now he'll all be dressed up in red, even the hat on his head." (chorus, followed by one last verse, but you get the idea.)

In retrospect, I think everything is funnier if you have a nice plate of pasta and a nice glass of wine in front of you."

Too bad I don't have a nice plate of pasta and a nice glass of wine in front of me. Sure would like to know that line about coming to Washington he wouldn't repeat...


P.S. Another person expressed being put off by the coverage on EWTN about Pravda shoes and ermine--referring to the Pope--and how no-one does it up better than Catholics.

I am more concerned visiting St. Matthews cathedral to see no vigil for nascent human life, 2 AIDS vigils, and the first event in the CS calendar last week to pray for an end to the death penalty at St. Matthews. Also check out the "new" Christmas schedule.