Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Possible Catholic School Closings?

I got a copy of the latest Catholic Standard. There is a lengthy article about consultations at five (5) Catholic schools, including St. Michael's in Ridge (this is the second time). (I will discuss this more at length over the next few days.)

This follows the same pattern as last year:
  • There are series of articles in the Catholic Standard on how wonderful the new policy on education is working over the course of a few weeks.
  • Suddenly, in November, consultations are announced. (This is different that a few years ago, when they told the parishes in Feb/March that the schools might close.)
  • Everyone talks about how wonderful everyone is pulling together, esp. the Archdiocese.

Over a year ago, I told you that Southern Maryland was the next target. My source tells me at least one of these schools will close (merge) with a possible second.

Did you notice the other pattern: The Archdiocese places the burden on the parish and pastor to solve the problem. They pretty much wash their hands of the situation.

I keep thinking, if they advertised Catholic education like they did Catholic cemeteries, maybe we would not be in this situation.



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Anonymous said...

We need to petition Catholic Charities to make our Catholic Schools one of their charities! If Catholic Charities can not give money to Catholic Schools, then BOYCOTT Catholic Charities and give that money to your local Catholic school. They give money to many organization, but not a dime to our struggling Catholic Schools.
CCD is just not enough to raise a gerneration of truly Faith-based children, regardless what Archbishop Wuerl says. Once he is named Cardinal, Catholic School closing will begin at a rapid pace. That has been his primary agenda since his arrival. It has not been an agenda of doing what ever possible to save our schools.