Monday, November 8, 2010

Catholic Schools -- What is the Future?

The Catholic Standard has a lengthy article on Catholic School consultations. It is interesting as to what it says:

" One year after the Archdiocese of Washington's new Policy for Catholic Schools were adopted, the priority of making Catholic education more affordable has led to the archdiocese awarding more than $5 in tuition assistance...and many parishes have entered into regional partnerships to make Catholic education more accessible to families throughout the area."

This is so FUSTRATING.

1. The policy is that schools must charge the actual cost of education.
2. There are NO discounts to families with more than one child in school. You want a discount, then you apply to their program. Maybe you get something, maybe not. More on this later.
3. These partnerships do NOTHING to make it more accessible. Why? Because it allows parishes who "partner" with others to pay a lower stipend towards education, which goes to the "partner" school but the cost remains the same.

More tomorrow...


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