Friday, February 19, 2010

Archbishop Wuerl DID Honor Cokie and Steve Roberts

A few months ago, I reported that Cokie and Steve Roberts would be honored by SOAR (Support Our Aging Religious).

First, we had Msgr. Enzler (who does a very nice radio spot for Catholic Cemeteries) on the Board of Directors. But that was quickly washed from the SOAR site. Second, I was very concerned that Archbishop Wuerl would honor them.

When the event took place, the Catholic Standard reported that Archbishop Wuerl presented a check to the a group of religious before the annual SOAR (Support our Aging Religious) Dinner. However, the Catholic Standard was very careful NOT to say (1) who the honorees were and (2) did not come out and say if he actually attended the dinner.

However, he did attend the dinner honoring pro-abortionists and pro-gay media personalities Cokie and Steve Roberts and gave the opening blessing.

You see, the Stone Ridge A Capella Group sang at the dinner. Ms. Claire Hackett of the (Stone Ridge) Journalism Club reported in the HERE AND NOW (The Stone Ridge Newsletter) on Dec. 10, 2009:

Before they sang, Archbishop Wuerl opened the event with a prayer, Mark Russell emceed and made the guests laugh...

Here is an image from that newsletter:


BTW, I did download a copy of the Newsletter, so even if it taken off of the web, I have it. Any blogger who wishes to use this story and would like a copy of the newsletter, just needs to ask and give credit to this blog.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

It's still online

But for the House vote on the HellCare bill happening at the same time, I and some others would have picketed that thing.

Missy said...

Randall Terry was right to ask that Arhcbishop Wuerl
be replaced. As always Randall takes alot of hits for
his boldness but he is right on target. Watch Randall
go to the head of the class when others run for the

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Information Center (the CIC) needs to be congratulated for their courage and integrity. The CIC had scheduled a book signing for Cokie and Steve Roberts’ new book. When it was brought to their attention the negative and nasty writing the Roberts had penned about the Pope, Pro-life people, and American bishops, they canceled the book signing. The CIC stated that they were canceling the book signing because of the Roberts’anti-Catholic writings and interviews.

Anonymous said...

There is an added feature to the matter involving Cokie Roberts that should be mentioned here. Wuerl and Roberts go back a number of years.

Years ago, the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper reported that Cokie Roberts did some sort of documentary on Donald Wuerl. This report was published some time around the tenth anniversary of Wuerl's tenure in Pittsburgh. So, Wuerl and Roberts as comrades or confreres go back at least 12 or 13 years.

Now, a passer-byers might claim that the D.C. Catholic guy is being too oppressively puritanical in his outrage over Wuerl honoring a couple of people who, according to the D.C. Catholic guy, defend abortion and homosexuality. In fact, a passer-byer might say that Wuerl is trying to convert Roberts by honoring her --- that Wuerl is trying to plant a seed. Well, Wuerl knew Cokie Roberts for well over a decade, according to the Pittsburgh Catholic News. Wuerl had plenty of time to do some converting. He either failed or he never tried.

More importantly, it is written that "He who receives a prophet receives a prophet's wages." Therefore, he who receives a false prophet receives the false prophet's eternal condemnation. Now, a prophet is a social conscience. An advocate of institutionalizing Abortion and Homosexuality is presenting himself (or herself) as the social conscience. Wuerl did receive Cokie Roberts, did he not? He honored her as if he were endorsing here, did he not?

There is something known as Scandalizing the Weak. This consists in confusing or misguiding impressionable minds. Honoring a person who advocates two of the four sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance is definitely the act of Scandalizing the Weak.

Now, what is Cokie Roberts doing on the scene during the year when a cardinal's hat will be up for grabs? Let's see. Wuerl definitely does not have the D.C. media in his back pocket as he did in Pittsburgh. He does not have the D.C. version of Ann Rogers to praise his existence beyond believability. So, he is lacking a propaganda machine that can go into action after one mere phone call is made. Therefore, the presence of Cokie Roberts might be Wuerl's attempt to ... (Do the math.)

For the record, Ann Rogers is a Pittsburgh Post Gazette religion writer who came on the scene a couple years after the Post Gazette and other American newspapers reported on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up. She used to be Ann Rogers-Melnick. She came from Florida.

Ann Rogers was the one who claimed that the tiny Donald Wuerl was an "aesthetic" 5'11. She also claimed that she witnessed him finish his 50th lap, underwater, in a swimming pool.

I paid $4.95 for that article, because I didn't believe that someone would write something so blatantly fictional. 50 pool laps entirely done underwater by a tiny 55 year old? Was this done in one session or over a three month period?

Anyway, is the presence of Cokie Roberts a sign that Wuerl is attempting to rev up a public relation's machine? If so, then it shows that Wuerl will sacrifice the minds of impressionable Catholics for his selfish gain. More investigating on this needs to be done. For starters, how did Wuerl and Roberts meet, and for what purpose? Go from there.

Anonymous said...

Let Randall Terry ask again to have Wuerl replaced. However, this time be sure that he is armed with evidence against Wuerl that will show cause and need for Wuerl's removal. At the end of this comment are addresses to web pages that detail some of Wuerl's hypocrisy, viciousness, and harmfulness. Two of those web pages provide undisputed "hard copy evidence" against Wuerl, concerning his sex abuse cover-ups. Those four pages were posted previously. But, for the sake of an interested reader's convenience, they are posted again.

One of Wuerl's cover-ups involved his ratification of retaliatory conduct. Concerning this, know that Mrs. Randy Engel has a copy of the tape recorded harassment of the accuser of Wuerl's former personal secretary. Perhaps, someone can get that tape recording on YouTube. It will make for additional evidence of the ruthlessness and corruption of Donald Wuerl.

Incidentally, Randy Engel is the author of the Rite of Sodomy and Sex Education, the Final Plague. Unlike Wuerl, Randy was a true hero in that she was in Vietnam, during the war, taking care of orphans. She also edited the Vietnam Journal. In fact, one of the web addresses posted below will take you to an article written by Randy.

The previously mentioned tape recording ends with the sound of a few things crashing and a screen door breaking open, as the accuser of Wuerl's former personal secretary ran through the woods at night to escape the person trying to grab the tape recorder from the pursued gentleman's hands.

If anyone is interested in acquiring a copy, for YouTube purposes, write to me at the following email address that I will let be temporarily active. I will then contact Randy, so as to prevent a potential awkward situation:

Of course, if you are a friend, ally, or acquaintance of Randy, you can contact her directly.

Also let Randall Terry know that the Petition for a Writ of Certiorari filed against Wuerl's former diocese in 2002 received the case number:


Three supplemental briefs were included in that court docket. Perhaps he or someone else would be interested in purchasing copies of those briefs from the Library of Congress, in order to show further cause for Wuerl's removal from the Archdiocese of Washington.

There is one thing that needs to be accentuated at this moment. That is this:

Wuerl rode a lie all the way to the nation's capital. In 2006, as well as in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005, Wuerl was lauded as the caring & protective "Zero Tolerance" bishop. When he arrived in D.C., he was presented as a hero. If he did not have a hero's reputation, do you think that he would have been sent to the capital of history's most powerful nation (in militaristic terms and in terms of political influence)? Well, Wuerl's "Zero Tolerance" turned out to be a cruel hoax. It was discovered that he had his share of sex abuse cover-ups, dating back to Year 1 of his tenure in Pittsburgh. In fact, the cover-up of his former personal secretary continued into Wuerl's final day as bishop of Pittsburgh. Therefore, Wuerl was the opposite of a hero.

Being that Wuerl rode a lie en route to D.C., it were as if he stole the archbishop's seat there by fraud. He should be required to give back what he stole.

Plus, don't forget about the seven inner city sister schools that Wuerl turned into Rent Collection Machines, thereby stripping the crucifixes off of their walls.

Also don't forget Wuerl's sacrilegious cowardice concerning Nancy Pelosi and Holy Communion. It was obvious that she went to Holy Communion for the Catholic Vote. She was as audacious as Wuerl was cowardly.

Anonymous said...

The bold print message reminds me of Gomer Pyle saying, "Shame, shame, shame." Well, it's better to write that than an eschatological phrase that will be taken out of context and twisted by the whatever is left of the Wuerlite propaganda machine.

This is a serious matter. Period. But, that Gomer Pyle thing lightens the atmosphere. The Irish were famous for cutting jokes in the midst of tragic disaster.

So, Cokie Roberts is that vicious in her writings? Well, let's make her writings as powerful as a barn floor's chaff during a tornado --- or a windy autumn day.

That Gomer Pyle thing! I tell ya. Keep it there, though. We get the message. Now, to get the message around. That is the task.

Good show.

Important info.

I would not have known about this if you didn't publish that article.

Anonymous said...

If I were a billionaire, I would offer Donald Wuerl a million dollars to leave the United States. I would then offer him an additional million to not come back.

Anonymous said...

The newsletter article makes Steve and Cokie look like devout Catholics, as opposed to antagonists of Church Teaching. It states:

"The organization honored Cokie and Steve Roberts because of their commitment to faith and social justice, and for this they received the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award."

Well, on the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award site, there is no mention that Cokie and Steve were honorees of that award. However, Cokie did receive an award at Cabrini College, in Radnor, PA, some time around last February or so.

At this juncture, there is need to safeguard against being accused of misinterpreting vague statements of Cokie Roberts. So, what is needed is evidence that her writings are direct attacks against the faith. Inferences and suggestive statements don't count. Plus, there is a difference between admonishing a pope and stating that you don't believe in the teachings that the Pope is commissioned to uphold.

Does anyone have at his or her immediate disposal web addresses that show that Cokie Roberts directly attacked Church Teaching and/or Church Authority? Direct declarative statements are needed. Such things would be appreciated.

Don't assume that the public has ample time to scour the internet for statements written by or spoken by Cokie Roberts.


To the last Anon:

There is enough information out there regarding the Roberts' (Seek and ye shall find.). Look at Lifesitenews, restore dc catholicism, and a number of others.

So, here is one, it took me all of 60 seconds:

If there was nothing to this matter, then why didn't the Catholic Standard come right out and say that the Archbishop attended the dinner and honored her for her work?

If there is nothing to hide and the comments were only minor things, then the Archbishop could have stood up and said...this matter is way blown out of proportion. There is nothing to it.

Maybe he realizes that he did wrong, just like he honored John Sweeney. That did not make the Catholic Standard either.

Give me a break

Anonymous said...

Those three Life Site News articles that you cited aren't going to hold much weight on a cardinal's desk at the Vatican. In fact, one of those articles report on fourteen different people. Those articles are only primers, to gear someone up, so that he (or she) can go to the next step.

Now, it's your turn to give me a break. This is what's needed, if Wuerl's honoring of pro-abortion celebrities and office holders is to be added to the list of grievances against him:

Cokie Robert's own writings at a length longer than a quoted half sentence or a quoted four word phrase.

Now, if the package to Vatican ends up being sent via email only, that means that no paysite link can be used. Plus, there is one "Cokie Roberts' quotes site" that was accompanied with a McAfee warning sign. So, that particular site can't be used. The last thing needed is to send a malware site link of any kind to the Vatican.

That Feb 19 comment wasn't addressed to you personally. It was a cork board posting for any passer-byer who might have a website fresh on his or her mind. There is more than enough homework to do, on subjects more than Donald Wuerl. There was hope that maybe a little bit of help from the outside would stream in, from time to time.

And another thing. Don't snap at or mock a well intentioned commentator again. The next one might be a shy and tenderhearted individual who carries a key to a locked door, concerning Wuerl's scandals. You will then succeed in driving that person away. You have to make people feel invited to these comment boards --- if you are dedicated to unveiling truth.

Even worse, the next person you insult might be one who will start fight within the Restore D.C. camp, and Wuerl would benefit greatly if people in that camp started to fight with each other.

D.C. is the City of Influence, and a position in the College of Cardinals will open up soon. Do you want Wuerl to continue to have power over D.C. Catholics for five and a half more years? In fact, if Wuerl is to be made a cardinal, then Judas Iscariot might as well be appointed prince of the Heavenly Court.

The objective is to get to the mission and get the mission accomplished, all the while being cognizant of the fact that it is a Mission Almost Impossible. Wuerl is like a barnacle that clings to people of power and influence. This is done, in my opinion, so that he will be regarded as a powerful and influential man. He makes things look, on the superficial level, that he is the only logical choice for being placed at the top of the pyramid. He is the wrongest choice for that position. A number of people in D.C. and Pittsburgh learned that the hard way. So, the next time, employ the virtue of temperance.

Anonymous said...

This is a P.S. to that last comment:

The other lesson learned in Pittsburgh was that Donald Wuerl brings out the worst in everybody.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned something a while back that needs to be brought to the forefront now, in light of this honoring of Cokie and Steve Roberts. (I think you're the one who mentioned it. So, I'll write as if you did.)

You mentioned how people go around calling themselves Catholic, yet they scuttle off to voting booths and cast votes for pro-abortion candidates. Apparently, they are stubbornly selfish, doing nothing more than looking out for themselves, all the while thinking that their pro-abortion candidates will cater to their economic needs and their other cares. Well, the answer to that mentality goes as follows:

They came for the Gypsies, but Joe Average did not object, because he was not a gypsy. They came for the Jews, but Joe Average was not a Jew. So, he didn't object. They came for this one and that one, throughout the years, until they finally came for children who never got the chance to see sunlight. Throughout that entire time span, Joe Average objected not. They then came for Joe Average, and there was no one left to object.

Then there were none left untouched by the hands of violence.

Is this present state of affairs what young men died for on Normandy Beach, Wake Island, the frozen grounds of Bastogne, and on the equally frozen ground at Valley Forge? Maybe Joe Average should take a stroll around Arlington Cemetery and think things over. Maybe he should take a walk there and simply not think. Simply observe. In that way, a realization might awaken within. Just maybe.


To Anon at 10:29am.

You are absolutely correct. Apologies are in order to you.


Dymphna said...

It's rather unfair to get mad at the CIC for offering to host a book signing for Cokie Roberts when the archbishop has already honored her.

Anonymous said...

There is a clarification needed to be made, in order to prevent readers from being confused. And then there is a question to be asked:

A commenter said that it is not right to get mad at the CIC for having offered to do a book signing. Well, the Arch D.C. Catholic Guy did not mention the CIC in this Cokie Roberts article. He railed against SOAR and Wuerl. In fact, an anonymous poster (of February 19, 8:09 AM) informed us that the CIC canceled a book signing involving Cokie, either out of a sense of conscience or by cause of political pressure. Such an act is not the act of getting mad at the CIC (Catholic Info Center.)

The question is, who got mad at the CIC, and in what article can this be found?

When you write in complaint of any blogger or commenter, make sure that the thing you cite actually happened.

Whatever be the case, the act of the CIC is encouraging news. There is hope, after all. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Instead of taking the Gomer Pyle posture on this one, in saying, "Shame, Shame, Shame," you should have taken the Sergeant Carter posture and said:

"Wuerl, you knuckle head! Can't you do anything right?"

Somebody has to quit treating Wuerl like that ten year old pampered kid on the Twilight Zone who turned adults into jack in the boxes and things similar, the first moment that kid didn't get his way.