Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What are they thinking or are they on drugs?

From Tom Peters at CatholicVote.Org:

Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, who serves as chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace, has approved a proposal by diocesan Catholic Charities to distribute free needles to drug abusers in the hope of preventing the spread of AIDS.

“I understand there will be questions, but this is common sense,” said Sister Maureen Joyce, CEO of Catholic Charities. “I strongly believe in this. It will save lives.”

“From a theological standpoint, we’re not being faithful to our mission if we don’t reach out to people addicted to drugs, too,” Sister Joyce added.

An $83,000 van filled with syringes will be parked in two neighborhoods and serve as the focal point of Catholic Charities’ needle distribution efforts. – Catholic Culture News Briefs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the informative post. Remember when the controversial issue was the DC government (and other state and local governments) providing the needles? Those government programs are, in my opinion, a mistake and a waste of taxpayer dollars. But it is an issue I suppose polite people can disagree on (although it would be nice to see an objective study showing that needle exchange programs actually work).

But when it comes to a Catholic organization, there is no difference between this program and providing condoms in Africa. Secular organizations may think it "just makes sense" but on that issue, the Church has stood firm--you cannot accomodate sin.

victor said...

Forgive U>S for we know not what we do but we mean well Lord!

Two or more wrongs will never make "ONE" Right but what is really wrong nowadays?

I'll close by saying,OH what a web we are weaving.


Anonymous said...

Yes. But of course. By all means. Save them from AIDS, but let them die of an overdose.dl

Anonymous said...

If one or more of the drug addicts die of an overdose while using diocesan needles, will the diocese get sued for millions?

Anonymous said...

Clever title, man. Point made. Direct hit.

Anonymous said...

Great play, Shakespeare. Nice shot, Arnold Palmer. These diocesan needles are going to be reused anyway. And that's what causes AIDS to be spread.