Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lobby Night 2010 (Maryland Catholic Conferenc)

Each year, the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) organizes a Lobby Night.

That night, Catholics descend upon our legislators in Annapolis to advocate a number of positions.

There are those out there who believe that this will make a difference. Personally, I do not.

Now, the intentions of those who lobby are good and honorable. It is in the best traditions of democracy. However, I believe that they are wasting their time.

Why? Because until you elect politicians who are wiling to support our values, then you might as well stay home.

Take Sen. Richard Madaleno (D). Openly gay and has made no bones about the fact that those who wish to send their kids to Catholic school, have made a choice and it is not for him to provide you with any vouchers or credits. How many Catholics voted for him?

Take Del. Jeff Waldstreicher (D-18) who worked for NARAL Pro-Choice America. He called pro-lifers, during his primary run, extremists and has maintained his pro-abortion stand ever since. How many Catholics voted for him, simply because he was on the D ticket?

Folks, we can knock on doors, provide them with all sorts of meaningful stats, but until we start electing politicians who will vote with us on the issues that are important to us, nothing will change.


Mr Flapatap said...

I have attended a couple of times and, while I knew since the beginning that I would not change any votes, at least we had a chance to show that we are not the caricatures that they believe we are. Also, there is some delight to be taken from looking at their uncomfortable faces when they are in a closed room having to listen; they are unable to respond when they are not preaching to their choir.


Yes, you are absolutly correct. Thank you for pointing that out, Mr. Flapatap!

Anonymous said...

We go to a meeting and see their uncomfortable faces, as they are made to look hollow and without any reason for their political stances. So what? They continue their campaign trails calling naturally inclined people extremists the same way in which ancient pagan Romans called the early Christians derogatory names. Their speeches and slogans are all a matter of propaganda, in the attempt to make the opposition look criminal or insane or criminally insane.

You do not attend meeting for 'some delight.' You attend for results.

The idea that a woman would see her own child as the invading enemy of her body was an unheard of perversity throughout the vast majority of centuries. That view is simply not a part of human nature; not even our fallen nature. The relentless drone of propaganda has entire generations hypnotized to the point where they are only blurting out bumper sticker slogans. Total Orwellian Mindlessness. That's our form of government.

The objective of the Church is to see to it that its laity is not an accomplice to legalized and socially supported mortal sins. Walking out of a meeting with a smug face, realizing that a politician looked uneasy accomplishes zero. The objective, when government is morally perverted, is to cut off the fuel supply to nationwide sins, such as abortion. It's called boycott. Eight of the ten commandments are actually the command to boycott --- to boycott idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, theft, and covetousness.

Start by boycotting those corporations that fund abortion, that provide materials and space for abortion, that advocate abortion, and/or that profit from it in any way. Boycotting is non-violent. Actually, it is the act of taking away from the violent their ability to commit violence.

Money is God in this apostate America. Take away their god, and things will change.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree and would encourage lobbying. It really can make a difference and in some cases may be an important first step to having more sensible election results.

Take the Health Care "Reform" isssue. The Stupak Amendment to the House Health Bill prevented the House Bill from being pro-abortion and was the result of Catholic lobbying.

And it some cases lobbying may a necessary first step before a Catholic takes a more balanced position on elections. Take, e.g. someone who is pro-life and pro-family but in all other issues is a died-in-the-wool Democrat and always votes democrat despite their pro "choice" platform. That person especially should lobby. When the politician looks in that voter's eyes and refuses to even meet them half-way (e.g., not targeting pro-life centers) that voter may see how the politician does not really represent their interests and vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Let's replace some of those uncomfortable faces with more friendlier faces come election time!

Anonymous said...

Trust me - Americans have your kind (Catholics)all figured out. You are caricatures at best.


The Catholic influence on the Health Care reform is really minimal at best.

The Most Merciful and the other Dem politicans know that many Catholics are willing to support it, even if it includes abortion.

They also know that the Bishops are willing to support health care as long as it does not include abortons,so they just figure out a way to hide $$ for abortion in the bills or they ram it through w/o caring about Catholics.

By the time the bishops figure it out, it will be long passed.

Anonymous said...

The democratic party used to be the average Catholic's party until abortion came into the party's platform. Then went a bit of an exodus to the Republican party. What should have been done was a mass migration to the democratic party, to vote the pro-abortion operatives out of office.

What would happen if pro-lifers everywhere joined the democratic party and used their "majority power" to overhaul the democratic party into one that no longer supported crimes against human life and nature? The Democratic party was entirely overhauled before, so it can happen again. It used to be the Jim Crow Law party. Then it became the Civil Rights party. It is now the moral anarchy party.

Anonymous said...

To the respectful disagreer:

You are right if and only if the demographics are in favor of the pro-life lobbyists. A politician only votes for that which will get him/her re-elected or funded. The concept of statesman voting his/her conscience is defunct in modern America. The lobbyists that intimidate the politician get the politician to do their bidding.

That technique is definitely not Christian Charity, but this issue is literally a matter of life and death.

The bottom line is, at this point, don't choose one mode of action over another one. Do them all. Have the boycott advocates front and center. Have the lobbysts front and in the interior. Have everybody go to a battle station and do something.