Friday, February 12, 2010

Archbishop's Appearl 2010 (A Repost)

Because of the snow storm last weekend, each of us will be asked this weekend to contribute to the Archbishop's Appeal. I decided to repeat my blog message from last week, with a couple of minor edits.


This weekend you will be asked to pledge to the Archbishop's Appeal 2010.

You will hear an audio message from him (and some of you may even hear it from him or one of our bishops in person).

You will be asked to complete a card making your pledge ("Print Your Name. Then, print your address...") or if you are so inclined, right then and there make your contribution.

As in the previous years, I will not. I encourage you not to do so too.

Donate but not to the Archbishop's Appeal.

I do not say that lightly or flippantly. There are many good things that the Appeal does. Over the last few years, the Archdiocese has provided more information about where the money is going. Finally!

It helps educate our seminarians, pro-life activities, etc.

But even with all of those good things, I in good conscience cannot give.

I say this not because I believe that the Archbishop and his staff are out there having lavish cocktail parties and taking expensive vacations.

I do so because I believe that he has failed time and time again to act as a shepherd of this diocese against the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-family and anti-marriage forces.

He continues to support CCHD, even when we have seen time and time again, the money used against Church teaching. We even honor those who run it inappropriately.

He refuses to admit that this health bill is a disaster and should be scrapped, while at the same time advocating that those who are illegal aliens be given full health care coverage.

Finally, they have set up a policy that will make it easier to close a school, and if parents want to keep it open, placing more of a burden on them, so that we can spend more of our money acting as a social services agency. Remember how they all told us that no schools would be closing!

Unfortunately, the Archbishop just does not get it.

The only way that he will understand is to reduce the amount that is received.

Donate but not to the Appeal.

I am urging you to take the money and donate it directly to your local Catholic elementary school. The changes in tuition and funding are really going to hurt many parents, esp. those with large families. A couple of our schools are barely managing to stay open next year. Three will close in June.

Catholic schools are always in need of funding. Many have lists of items needed. Help purchase one of them or join in with another family to do so. Ask that the money you donate be spent directly on assisting a family who cannot afford school supplies. Donate the money with the stipulation that it be used to reduce the tuition of a family in need, above and beyond what the diocese may do.

Donate it directly to the school so that the Archdiocese cannot get it.

Donate but not to the Archbishop's Appeal.

If you don't have a Catholic elementary school, then donate to the religious order which educated you (provided they are faithful to the teachings of the Church and not some loony tune order - no offense to Warner Bros.).

Donate but not to the Archbishop's Appeal.

Donate to the Jeanne Jugan Residence, St. Ann's Home, or St. Joseph House.

Donate but not to the Archbishop's Appeal.

Donate to the Missionaries of Charity.

Donate but not to the Archbishop's Appeal.

Want to support seminarians? Then find your local Knights of Columbus council. They always have fund raisers for seminarians.

Donate but just not to the Archbishop's Appeal.

I think you got the message: Donate but just not to the Archbishop's Appeal.


Anonymous said...

There is one thing that you have to keep in mind about the phrase, "... so that we can spend more of our money acting as a social services agency." The money used in Pittsburgh for Wuerl's diocesan social service operations was taxpayer money. The Archdiocese of D.C. is being turned into a profane business enterprise the same way in which Pittsburgh was. Wuerl's way of operation is all a matter of income bearing government contract social services being paid to a 501(c) corporation.

All that Wuerl cared about in Pittsburgh was making that money money money through the 501(c) contact system. This is why you are instinctually sensing that your archdiocese is being profaned.

The church in Pennsylvania was even getting food through the Pennsylvania Cooperative Extension Society. And when I asked what services the diocese offered, the answer was: "Counseling. Mostly counseling." That was it and I was dismayed, to say the least. After all, a guy in a barber shop can counsel you for free. A lady at a bus stop can do the same thing. But, Wuerl decided to make money off of it.

For Wuerl and his people in Pittsburgh, the whole thing was a money making racket presented under the deceptive name, Charities. When Wuerl was caught, the name was changed to Welfare, for a short period of time. It was then changed back to Charities when the pressure was off.

Do not do not DO NOT think that Wuerl was being a kind and generous giver of himself and his diocesan bank accounts when he was operating all of those social service agencies in Pittsburgh. He was being a cold hearted businessman, capitalizing on what used to be called "Faith Based Initiatives." Wuerl is the consummate deceiver.

Wuerl once again is not being clear when he or his employees communicate. This is yet another example of Wuerl's Pea & Shell Huckster semantics.

Anonymous said...

What? Wuerl promised that no D.C. school would be closing? How long ago? When? Under what circumstance? Was he smiling with gritted teeth while this was being said or was he acting like he had to go and polish his halo?

Got any bibliographical references, to prove this broken promise? This is so that another example of Wuerl's perpetual lying to the public can be displayed on a few web pages.

How long did it take D.C. Catholics to figure out why middle aged Pittsburgh ladies kept calling that tiny man Whirlybird? From one day to the next you didn't know what Wuerl was going to do next. He was reminiscent of a 1970s Saturday Night skit starring Dan Akroyd portraying one of his con artist characters.

Anonymous said...

The following is an example of where Donald Wuerl's priorities are. Take a quick read of it and then ask yourself if it's wise to empower Wuerl with yet more money:

In Pittsburgh, there was a certain priest who was changing Catholic doctrine at every whim. Firstly, he officially taught his baptismal classes that there was no such thing as being conceived in the state of original sin. A complaint and a couple eyewitness account were sent to Wuerl's office and nothing was done about it. The priest remained in good standing.

This same priest also allowed kids to go to Holy Communion with gum still in their mouths, because he claimed that the host ceases being the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ the first moment it touches the tongue. Needless to say, this priest's claim was opposite of an infallible statement set forth at the Council of Trent, regarding the nature of Holy Communion.

This same priest stated that he didn't see it stated anywhere that you have to pray, to be a good person. Yet, even in modern prayer books, the Examination of Conscience always mentions that the total neglect of prayer is a sin. In addition, the absence of prayer makes a person easily deceived.

This same priest stated other heretical things, and also advocated sacrilegious things, such as "joint Holy Communion" with protestants who do not believe in the true presence and who do not avail themselves to the absolution which comes from the confessional. Each heretical adherence of this particular priest was reported to Wuerl's office in one package correspondence. Yet, nothing was done to undo the damage this priest inflicted on the poisoned minds of those who thought that they were being taught the "new and official Vatican II doctrine." The priest remained in good standing in Pittsburgh.

Then, this priest was heard stating that he thought that no one should go to Catholic schools --- that everyone should go to public schools. It was only then when his name was processed through the diocesan administration.

And why?

ANS: Because that particular statement jeopardized Wuerl's ability to make as much money off of the Catholic School tuition process as possible. It was only when this priest jeopardized Wuerl's income potential did anyone at the diocesan building do anything. Only then was that particular priest regarded as moving in on Wuerl's turf. And only the public school statement was considered. The priest's many heresies were ignored.

This account teaches us that Wuerl couldn't care less than he already does about defending the sacraments and the minds of impressionable Catholics who need to be taught the true faith. Desecrate Christ, and Wuerl doesn't care. Make a mockery out of the single most pivotal element of Catholic Doctrine, namely original sin and the Immaculate Conception, and Wuerl does nothing about it. Move in on his money supply and he awakens like a junk yard dog on a chain.

Do you really want give even Monopoly Money to someone like Wuerl?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered just taking yourself and family to one of the beautiful and truly Catholic communities in DC rather than subject oneself to the Archdiocese diatribe weekly.

For example, visit the Carmelite monastery for mass or the Franciscan monastery. Plenty of wonderful and truly Catholic experiences await in DC. How about Sunday mass at the Poor Clares convent where you hear a Dominican preach. In these environments one can get back to the reason for going to Mass, a personal relationship with God.

Imagine the feeling of no second collection!!!


Anonymous said...

Wuerl tolerates bad priests even in the ADW. Priests can get away with violating the seal and NOTHING is done.

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous of February 13th, 10:32 PM, mentioned that Wuerl has been indifferent to the breaking of the seal of the confessional. Wuerl and/or his administrators showed the same indifference in Pittsburgh. Betraying that seal incurs a priest's automatic excommunication. Therefore, it is a matter that cannot be ignored. Depending on the verifiability of the Feb 13th commentator, we have another instance that what went on in Pittsburgh is going on at the nation's capital.

You in D.C. have to start sending petitions to Rome, to get that particular bishop removed from every office in America. As far as goes petitioning Rome, there is evidence online that you can turn into print outs and use to illustrate Wuerl's unfitness for leadership. This includes the original newspaper articles that reported on Wuerl's first cover-up --- that three way cover-up which actually had a forth priest involved as a silent accomplice. Some of those articles are literally photocopies of yellowed newspapers.

Other online photocopies that prove Wuerl's unfitness to lead deal with Wuerl's cover-up of his one time personal secretary. That priest was a high school president when he was reported. So, Wuerl definitely wanted to keep that one under wraps.

The Mother's Watch article is important, if you can confirm the authenticity its contents with the author of it.

Another point that needs to be made to the Vatican is the fact that Wuerl was a pivotal figure in "Priestly Formation" during the years when homosexuality infested the seminaries and the post-seminary priesthood.

Attention also has to be brought to the Vatican's attention that Wuerl dedicated himself to turning two dioceses into taxpayer funded government contract social service business enterprises.

Another issue to bring to the Vatican's attention was the Corruption of Blood policy that Wuerl imposed upon the innocent child of those parents who were filmed on KDKA TV protesting against Wuerl's closing of their children's school.

The abandonment of the 7 black schools is a huge issue to address, as well. For the Vatican, this was a public relations blunder. This is why --->

A former Hitler Youth who once contributed to the widespread racism of the day appoints a German American to oversee the capital of the USA. Then, the very white German American appointed by the former Hitler Youth goes and turns his back on seven black schools. This was a racial public relations blunder.

When you think of it, the closest that Hitler will ever come to conquering America is that of having one of his former Youths appoint to the U.S. capital a person carrying this "superior race" German DNA. The appointing of Wuerl to D.C. was a bad public relations move. Very bad.

Americans with natural inclinations and who actually respect the Catholicism of their ancestors don't want Wuerl in D.C. or anywhere else in America. (And you cannot deny that Wuerl has catered to the modern sodomite world, via "Dignity Masses" and the such, while he was in Pittsburgh.)

You also cannot deny that Pittsburgh was a town of hard working poverty stricken steel families, due to Andrew Carnegie's low wage greed. Those people toiled to eventually get many Catholic parishes built in Pittsburgh. These were immigrant parishes. These were testimonies of keeping the faith in a nation where the preference was to adhere to a very anti-Catholic mode of Protestantism. Yet, Wuerl closed those testimonies of faith, as if they had no significance attached to them.

In the name of what is holy, start the campaign to have Wuerl removed. There has got to be Knights of Columbus in D.C. who want to take back their church. The Thomas Merton people were treated very disrespectfully by Wuerl, also. They would benefit by his removal. The traditional Latin Mass people in Pittsburgh were not addressed with Christian compassion, either.

Anonymous said...

There is a great article in this weeks Catholic Standard about Saint Augustine school and Fr. Pat Smith the wonderful pastor there. It seems that 21 of the school children in the parish school are converting to Catholicism. The article did not mention that Wuerl had targeted the school for conversion to charter 2 years ago.Thank God Fr. Smith was able to fight off the agression by the Archdiocese and preserve this school as a Catholic school. How many conversions to the faith would we have received from this school if Wuerl had his way and turned this school into a rent collection machine. By the way, we like the term "Whirlybird". It fits him well. These days we see indications of financial weakness in Center City Public Charter Schools Inc. We wonder what old Whirlybird will do with his little charter venture now that it is evident that it will not be exactly gushing money for the Archdiocese. In fact, it seems Center City Public Charter Schools Inc. is reluctant to write a check for even as little as say $600.


To Anon on Feb. 13th: Breaking the seal of confession is a very serious charge. Can you please document this?

To Anon on Feb. 13th: Yes, I could leave my parish and go to another. There are a variety of reasons why I do not. It is not easy.

To Anon on Feb. 15th: Yes, thank you for the reminder. I will post a story on this.

Anonymous said...

This is a response to the polite commentator of February 13, 1:34 AM. It was the commentator who reminded us that there still is a Carmelite Mass to attend in the D.C. area. It was also the person who told us to ignore Wuerl, as if the ignoring thereof will make him go away:

Covering your eyes doesn't make the evil before them disappear. If we remain silent to the actions and omissions of Donald Wuerl, then his mode of operation will take over D.C. Catholicism. It will then take deep root within it, in the form of a pestilent weed. The Carmelites and Franciscans in D.C. are subject to Wuerl, too, you know.

Do you really want Wuerl to become a cardinal this July, when McCarrick turns 80 years of age? Do you want him to be "the premier voice of Catholicism in America" when he habitually sweeps under the rug those sections of Catholic doctrine and moral theology that he is not man enough to observe?

Do you want there to be a cardinal in America who was misrepresented by the media in such an idolatrous manner that even his physical height and stature was grossly exaggerated? Yes, Wuerl did not have the humility to object to the media making it look as if Wuerl were a tall and athletic former Olympic gold medalist. The fact is that he is quite tiny and he was never muscular. Observe the following:

1 - In the Local Section of the March 24, 1996 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, at Page A1, Ann Rogers wrote:

"At 55, Wuerl is 5 feet 11 inches tall and ascetically thin from exercise and abstemious living."

The reality is that he is approximately or exactly 5'4". A Eucharistic minister & diocesan lecteur who was introduced to Wuerl said in a disappointed tone of voice that Wuerl was "scrawny." That same lecteur later said that Wuerl had the softest hand shake he ever encountered, except for a certain corporate CEO whose company marketed women's clothing, jewelry, and perfumes.
- - - - - - - -
2- An astrology website has a section on Donald Wuerl in it. At that pagan website Wuerl is said to be 5'11 1/2. That is 7 1/2 inches taller than Wuerl's actual or approximate height.
- - - - - - - -
Wuerl was filmed on CSPAN shaking hands with a few passer-byers in front of the D.C. cathedral. In that shot, Wuerl was much taller than everyone who shook hands with him. He literally looked 6'2 on national TV. The deception consisted in the fact that Wuerl was standing on a step that was hidden by a long limousine. No one could see the step and no passer-byer stood on the step upon which Wuerl was perched.

Do you want someone Tinsel Townish, immature, and narcissistic to be in power in D.C. or anywhere else on Earth? Do you really want that guy to be a candidate in the next papal election? In fact, do you really want the nation's capital to become Pittsburgh II, in the image and likeness of Donald Wuerl?

Keep in mind that Pittsburgh used be called "Hell with the lid off of it." The joke once was, "Six months in Pittsburgh is grounds for suicide." When Wuerl was there, six months in Pittsburgh was grounds for loosing the Faith.

Anonymous said...

This is a message to the person who submitted the comment of February 15, 12:26 AM.

In re: "turned this school into a rent collection machine."

Excellent imagery, writer of the Feb 15, 12:26 AM comment. Extremely creative. Insightful.

"Rent Collection Machine."
Why didn't I think of that?

Whoever you are, if you are not a writer, please start being one. For you to not be one would be a disservice. Please post on this website more of your thoughts, info, and discoveries.

Your type of writing doesn't have the official definition of exorcism power, needless to say, but it does have the power to scatter away demons perched upon the minds of men. In other words, that type of writing gives a guy a clear mind for thinking.

The other thing is that that type of writing flows. It is a good headache preventer. It flows really well.

Anonymous said...

Someone should clean up the Wikipedia article on Wuerl. For example, the Wiki article claims that Wuerl is the sole author of the Teachings of Christ. It also claims that it was a 1990 publication. No. Wuerl was merely one of the three editors of it, and the first edition was published in 1976. This presentation of Wuerl as a god who single handedly takes care of multiple tasks gets annoying after a while.

Anonymous said...

Amazing responses to your blog about the Archbishop's Appeal. I would suggest that everyone put their thoughts on paper and enclose it in the Archbishop’s Appeal envelope. Perhaps this would get the attention of the Archdiocese.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, comment submitter of February 15, 2010 9:51 PM. Put the info in an appeal envelope and send it to the "appropiate" archdiocesan office. It would be much neater than putting a horse's head in a Hollywood director's bed. Sometimes, the simplest ideas evade us.

Who was the masked anonymous commentator, anyway, Kimosabe?

Anonymous said...

When is the Mass at the Poor Clare convent? Is this the one near the Franciscan monastery?

Anonymous said...

The most costly lesson learned in Pittsburgh was to NOT entrust anything to Donald Wuerl, singularly. Wuerl is like the lethal pharaoh. Anything that you send him with the intention of having him "see the light" will only harden his heart. You have to simultaneously let the Vatican and the public know what paperwork you've sent to Wuerl, or kiss it goodbye.

Once, an entire package was sent to Wuerl, with page after page of evidentiary support. That package did not motivate Wuerl to convert himself and his diocese. Rather, the Wuerlite propaganda machine expended newspaper pages in twisting and/or camouflaging things to the point of suffocating the subject matter in the detailed package sent to Wuerl. In fact, every diocesan priest mentioned in that package of complaints (for heresy, homosexual harassment, gross negligence, etc.) ended up being praised in the Pittsburgh Catholic Newspaper. That was a spit in the face to all who contributed to the compilation of the paperwork.

Keep the following in mind: Sending incriminating things about Wuerl to the D.C. archdiocese will make its personnel forewarned and forearmed.

What is needed is an ONLINE OPEN LETTER to the Vatican that contains links to the web pages that incriminate Wuerl. Internet access is at your disposal in the form of many website and blog providers, including

Being that sufficient amounts of evidence is already online, 2/3 of the job is already done. You then mail the online letter and evidentiary support to the Vatican, in paper form.

If you need a push in the right direction, concerning evidentiary support that can be downloaded and copied in paper form, there are two blogspot sites dedicated to that. One is:

That has jpegs of some of the original evidence concerning Wuerl's cover-up of his former personal secretary. The documentation is posted at 1600 x 1200 resolution, but that is not insurmountable. You can download it and resize it with your computer's photo program software. The name of Wuerl's abusive secretary appears at that site. It is not withheld there.

The other blogspot site which can provide evidentiary support against Wuerl is:

It contains something like 17 links and/or photocopies of news articles related to Wuerl's triple cover-up. It details that cover-up with added text, and it outlines the cover-up of Fr. Edward Huff. It even mentions Wuerl's cover-up of former high school headmaster John Hoehl and Wuerl's former personal secretary.

In fact, it has four photocopied newspaper articles displayed on it, including one from the San Antonio Express-News. That blogspot site is called:

Donald Wuerl's Unholy Trinity & Other Cover-ups

Plus, don't forget the contribution of Mother's Watch. Its article on Wuerl was mentioned few days or so ago, but posting it again would be a good idea:

And then there is Matt Abbott's article titled, Bishop Wuerl's appointment cause for concern? It is a brief intro to one of Mrs. Randy Engel's articles. It can be found at:

And don't forget about the Seven Abandoned Sister Schools.

Each D.C. Catholic has to answer the following questions, to see if he/she is motivated enough to do some online open letter writing, as well as some mailing to the Vatican:

Do you really want to have to put up with Wuerl for another 5 to 10 years? Do you wanna spend another 5 to 10 years being repeatedly tricked by Wuerl's slight of hand semantics? How about another 5 to 10 years of having your intelligence insulted by Wuerl's explanation of Canon Law as it applies to Holy Communion? 5 to 10 more years of school closings?

Or are you content with being a bunch of Pittsburghers? If you are, then why don't you move to Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

To the Feb. 17,2010 1:10 am.Anonymous. Where were you with all this information two years ago when the fight to save the Inner City Catholic Schools was taking place? You have terrific information and great ideas. Thank you for passing all of this along!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This would be a good time to mention something that Teresa of Avila (Doctor of the Church,) wrote centuries ago.

She said to not go to confession to just any priest. Some people learned that the hard way. So, be prudent.

Now, Teresa was a Counter Reformationist during an era of doctrinal upheaval. So, her complaint at the time was that there were priests who would claim that certain mortal sins were venial ones and that certain venial sins were not sins at all.

Concerning the seal of confession, I don't know if she had that in mind when she warned her readers about going to confession to just any priest. Today, however, with an undisciplined priesthood in power, a priest's regard for the seal of the confessional needs to be a major consideration.

Anonymous said...

As a friend of the person mentioned I am telling her these comments exist. Why is someone dragging this up 3years after the fact?

Anonymous said...

A recent commenter asked "why is someone dragging this up 3 years after the fact"?

Firstly, if and only if there is something of an electronic nature that recorded or chronicled the confession that was allegedly betrayed, then it is not 3 years after the fact. It is an ongoing violation occurring in the present tense.

Secondly, when something like is mentioned, the delicate tightrope walk begins, so as to not reveal the identity of the betrayed penitent. That is the Number 1 concern.

Now, one of the possible reasons for someone to have brought this up was already mentioned. That reason is because the next confession to be directly or indirectly violated may be your own.

Another reason would be that of responding to the charitable need of warning the faithful when a wolf is in the midst of the sheep. Perhaps someone wanted to warn the faithful about going to confession to the priest named in his or her comment(s).

Another reason might be that of illustrating yet more cause for Wuerl's removal from every episcopal seat of power. With all that has been conveyed about Wuerl thus far, a question immediately arises as to why is this particular person is allowed to remain in a bishop's position.

When a head coach piles up a extremely embarrassing loosing record, he gets replaced by another coach. When a landlord is grossly negligence toward the needs of a complex's residents, he gets replaced. In fact, when a general keeps loosing battles, he gets replaced. Therefore, why don't grossly negligent and/or abusive bishops get replaced?

If there were a bishop who kept spraying graffiti over all a diocesan cathedral, it is likely that he would be immediately replaced or placed on administrative leave. Yet, when a bishop distorts church teaching, as Wuerl did in the Pelosian Holy Communion scandal, that bishop is, in effect, spraying graffiti all over church teaching. Likewise, when a bishop ignores a claim that canon 983 or 984 was been violated, then that bishop, in effect, is spraying graffiti over diocesan confessionals. So, why is such a bishop not put on administrative leave?

The more that is given to you, the more that is required of you. This is why bishops are highly accountable people. However, there are some bishops you have acted as if they could do whatever they pleased whenever they pleased, on account of being a bishop. A bishop is only a servant, and poor servants some have been.

Now, if the web master of the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic finds it to be a prompting of conscience to delete all comments relating to this alleged violation of the seal of confessional, then so be it. Let all the comments be deleted. There is more than enough on Wuerl as it is, in order to show his unfitness to lead. That includes mean spirited retaliations that transpired in Pittsburgh during his tenure there.

The interesting thing is that people who think that they've acquired all the ill goods on Wuerl end up getting surprised that there is more ill things about him. It literally makes a guy say, "What else is there about this guy that we don't know?" You then find yourself thinking, "That has got to be the last thing on him. There isn't anything more, right?" And then, something else pops up.

These have been a very educational three to four years. Actually, it's been an educational 22 years, dating back to the Autumn when the cover-ups of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci were reported in newspapers throughout America. It definitely enables you to realize what Jesus was feeling the moment he encountered the money changers at the Temple, and it definitely enables you to know what he was experiencing during those times when he ended up saying, "There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth." --- even those times when he said, "You den of snakes" to the religious leaders of his time.

Maybe someone in the future can benefit from the costly lessons learned.

Anonymous said...

Talking about new revelations popping up about Wuerl, here's one. At the very very least, it counts as a hardly known one, and this account does apply to the topic of this comment board.

When Wuerl was on his six county church closing spree in Pennsylvania, he targeted a Croatian parish that was once famous enough to have made a spot on an NBC documentary type show. A Franciscan order connected to a Croatian province operated the parish. There were even nuns in residence on parish grounds.

Despite the rarity of this type of parish, Wuerl gave walking papers to the Croatian Franciscans. As far as Wuerl was concerned, it was time for them to take a hike and not come back.

The parishioners were more aggrieved than usual, because, in this particular case, Wuerl made a very deceptive promise to the representative and/or acting counsel of the parishioners. This resulted in Wuerl being called a liar. Actually, Wuerl's deception constituted slight of hand trickery by the use of one strategically placed word.

A letter of some type was sent somewhere, stating that Wuerl violated some sort of church law. This is how Wuerl responded to simply one letter:

Wuerl invited the pastor of the soon to be terminated parish to his office. So, the pastor went. Now, being that the pastor was an invitee, one would have expected Wuerl to have employed the manners of a gracious host.

Well, the pastor of the Croatian parish found himself in Wuerl's office. But, he and Wuerl were not alone. Throughout the office were lawyer looking guys and/or administrative priests, and whoever else. Those people had this one pastor surrounded in a very intimidating setting.

Wuerl proceeded to say something like, "Now, I want you to show me where it states that I am violating Canon Law." Well, the priest wasn't a canon lawyer. Plus, he was an extremely frail type of guy. I'll politely say that he wasn't a Charles Bronson who, incidentally, had a sister who was a member of that Croatian parish, despite that fact that Bronson and his sister were of Russian decent.

While in Wuerl's intimidating setting, the priest froze. Now, this priest was so traumatized by Wuerl's bully tactic that he was virtually bed ridden for two days. He wouldn't even take phone calls.

Within the week, during a Mass, the priest went to the pulpit, and before the people present, he apologized to Donald Wuerl. He also mentioned how traumatizing the experience of Wuerl's ambush was.

The priest who ended up being traumatized was an American. However, he was not a Pittsburgh native. Therefore, he wasn't endowed with that stereotyped Steeler & City of Bridges mentality. He was super frail.

While in Pittsburgh, Wuerl seemingly needed bullies around him, in order for him to get his way. Why would a bishop in his right mind want to appear to be too intimidating to approach? That is not the way of a Christ who invited a skeptical Thomas to approach him.

Take note on how Wuerl went ballistic in order to gain "the high public image of someone who just isn't to be challenged." He cared about what people said about him, but he didn't care what anyone said about anyone else. Him and/or his ADW staff being unconcerned about the allegation of the violation of the seal of confession would be par for the course with Wuerl. Needless to say, that's a vicious course to be on.

Wuerl has shown himself to be concerned only about himself. He repeatedly showed himself to not care about anybody else's pain, especially the pain he caused others.