Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catholic Schools Advertisement & the Closing of Holy Redeemer

If you have not gotten your copy of the Weekly Standard (there are probably still a stack of them on the bookrack in your parish), there is an article about the Catholic Schools marketing campaign.

According to the article, they have increased their marketing campaign to include bus and print adds, radio spots and even ads before a movie.

Now, as someone who travels regularly thru the District and MoCo, I have not seen any or heard of any of these ads? Have you?

In addition, Holy Redeemer School (NW DC) has announced it will close.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have seen the ads on the back of Metro buses. I have not heard anything on radio though. That's not surprising, since I do not listen to radio that much. But I will tell you this, our parish no longer has a school, and there is nothing mentioned about Catholic schools in our church bulletin. I'm not sure how much it costs to put those ads on Metro buses, but I know it would be cheaper to put something about Catholic schools in our bulletin. The powers that be in the Archdiocese are not all that sharp if you ask me.


I have not. Maybe the buses routes are not the ones in the areas that I travel.

I have not heard any ads on the radio and I am a regular listener to talk radio. Maybe they are not advertising on the stations that I listen to.

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