Friday, February 26, 2010

New Ways Ministry and the Archdiocese of Washington

By now, many of you have heard that the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops has stated that New Ways Ministry cannot cannot legitimately speak for Catholics. It has not been approved by the Archdiocese of Washington since 1984. You can read the entire release here.

Now, if you poke around there site just a bit, you will find a list of "gay friendly" parishes. For the Archdiocese of Washington, four are listed:
  • St. Matthew's Cathedral
  • St. Aloyisius
  • Holy Trinity
  • St. Rose of Lima

According to the New Ways Ministry, these are listed as "gay friendly" because they are:

welcoming to lesbian and gay Catholics as members and active parishioners.

So I guess I would like to know how they have come to be listed as such.

Are these parishes "welcoming" because they accept those who are living in homosexual relationships as okay and normal?

Are these parishes welcoming because they support same sex marriages and a change in the teachings of the Catholic Church?

Is it because they welcome those who are homosexual but continue to encourage them to be celibate?

Or is it simply that they simply look the other way?


Anonymous said...

There is, interestingly, a significant difference between the ways the Washington and Baltimore archdioceses are (and aren't) connected to NWM. Two priests of the Archdiocese of Baltimore are members of the boards of New Ways Ministry. One is the chair of the board. The other is an actively serving parish pastor. A Baltimore-resident religious brother is also a board member.

Look here:

It's very revealing to note that no priest of the Washington archdiocese is involved at the board level, even though New Ways is headquartered in that diocese. This difference reflects a strong historical divergence between the ways the two archdioceses have dealt with public dissent among their priests. Obviously this reflects very negatively on Baltimore and its previous archbishops.

If this situation does not constitute scandal, I am not sure what would.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't those priests laicized? The Vatican, in being negligent, is at fault, too. Why did we have to inherit a do-nothing curia? Is there a man amongst "them" at the Vatican, today.

Anonymous said...

The New Ways Ministry made its way to Pittsburgh during Wuerl's tenure, with its “Homophobia in Religion and Society” seminars. There was an organized objection. As was to be predicted, Wuerl played little Johnny Weasel Out. The claim was that there was nothing he could do about the NWM, because they were holding their seminars on Sister of Mercy property.

Needless to say, this is yet another Donald Wuerl lie. A bishop can make binding commands on any religious order in his diocesan precincts. In fact, even temporary priests in a diocese must first have official 'faculties' granted to him by the bishop. Moreover, all parishes and retreat centers run by a religious order have posted on its walls a photo of the local bishop, thereby acknowledging the local bishop's binding authority over that religious order.

Wuerl's hypocrisy in this matter is displayed in the following instance:

Once, there was a Medjugorje promoter in the Pittsburgh diocese who was a Franciscan. During his sermons, he would ignite the conscience. No kissy po sermons from that guy. He would say, "Your rivers and streams are polluted ..."

Well, a number of people complained about this Franciscan's sermons in letters to Wuerl. That Franciscan was soon gone --- entirely outside of the Pittsburgh diocesan borders. It was then claimed that Wuerl sent a file on that one priest to the Vatican.

Wuerl claimed that he couldn't get involved with the Sisters of Mercy, but he could get involved with the Franciscans. Wuerl does what he wants, and then comes up for the rationalization of doing it after the fact.

This is another instance on how Wuerl utterly abused canon law and arranged things to his liking. He repeatedly catered to the Sodomite world, even in making an excuse for looking the other way. Of course, if you ever met Wuerl, you would find it no surprise that the homosexual world got either the red carpet treatment from him or an pernicious back door entrance.

Dignity Masses went on in Pittsburgh for quite a while.

Dymphna said...

St. Matthews is next to DuPont Circle. St. Aloysius is a Jeusit parish and Holy Trinity is to plus it's in Georgetown. I don't know about St. Rose.