Thursday, February 11, 2010

It is time to go...

Many Catholic bloggers, including this humble one, have pointed out time and time again, the problems with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) of which Archbishop Wuerl is a member.

We have shown the failure with CCHD, Immigration Week (remember the clowing around) and a a host of other issues. Well, it seems they have once again shown that they are either incompetant or corrupt. Maybe both.

Archbishop Wuerl, it is time for you to stand up against the corruption and incompetence of the USCCB. You are a part of this of this mess and you have an obligation to apologize and correct your failures.

Special thanks to our colleagues over at LES FEMMES - THE TRUTH for this.


Anonymous said...

Some of us don't have DSL and can't hear the video. Do you have links to texts on the subject?

Anonymous said...

This is a huge issue. Did anyone send a report of this to the Vatican? A simple letter of complaint? Anyone send copies of the facts surrounding this to the Vatican?

If not, is anyone willing to take the time to photocopy the evidence and send it? The cover letter need not be Shakespearean. It should be simplex.

Even if it has been sent ten times prior people living outside of D.C., it will only have an impact if members of the D.C. archdiocese send a complaint, and then focuses directly on the clergyman in charge of the archdiocese. The Vatican needs to know that D.C. Catholics are not in on this, and that D.C. Catholics are not trying to start the AM(erican) Church.

If the Vatican thinks that the antics in D.C. are to the liking of the average D.C. layman, it will simply regard D.C. as yet another loss. It won't regard D.C. as something that needs rescue, for the sake of the laity.

In addition, it would be nice to make jpegs of them and then post them online. I know someone who would post them in a heartbeat on his web pages.

It is time to take back our church and the church of our Irish, French, German, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, Argentine, Chilean, Brazilian, Philippine, etc. ancestors who actually did take the faith seriously --- far more seriously than our generation has been taking it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your criticism of the CCHD but I do not understand exactly what you want Archbishop Wuerl to do. Like it or not, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops IS the organization for US Bishops. For Archbishop Wuerl to “stand up” to his fellow bishops would be like the pot calling the kettle black.

I have followed some of the links from this post and I have to say I do not get the criticism of the USCCB as a whole. Yes, the CCHD is probably a mistake, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

As regards this latest USCCB “scandal”, I am no lobbyist but I think this falls way below the level of the CCHD providing seed money to ACORN. My understanding of this latest so-called scandal is that a few years back the USCCB was a dues-paying member to an organization that provided them with a service--lobbying support. This organization also has in its membership less savory organizations that promote gay-marriage, abortion, etc.

Does it follow then that no DC Catholic should subscribe to the Washington Post, a liberal paper that likewise promotes gay-marriage and abortion? And just like a Post subscriber canceling his subscription, it appears that the USCCB dropped out of this group a few years back. So what’s the big deal?

The links I followed show some bloggers have a strong dislike for the USCCB and want it to go away. Really? They want no national umbrella group for US Bishops--no group that can speak out for American Catholics? Would they really prefer other groups like the New Ways Ministry (which describes itself as a “gay positive ministry for lesbian and gay Catholics”) to be the “face” of the Catholic church in America?
Also, believe it or not, the USCCB actually is a moderating force for some of our country’s more liberal bishops.


To the last Anon:

Over the years, the USCCB has done some pretty silly and what I would call irresponsible things, from CCHD, Health Care Reform, Immigration Week materials, etc. You can find some of it on this blog over the years, and no other blogs.

Should the USCCB be abolished or reformed, YES it must.

We keep hearing every few weeks about another poorly made decision, another way in which our money is being spent against us.

Finally, thank you for reading this blog and I hope you continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

A huge point is being missed here. That is to say, a bit of deception or confused understanding was submitted to this comment board on February 12, at 9:43 PM. Let's go through the steps:

The USCCB is not the "federal government" of the church in America, except for the Friday abstinence law, the holy days of obligation law, and the specific Liturgy of Hours requirements of permanent deacons in the USA. Major actions of the USCCB are still subject to the approval of the dicasteries of the Roman Curia. Furthermore, the USCCB does not trump an individual bishop's ecclesiastical power. In canon law, the bishop in charge of a diocese is referred to as "the Local Ordinary."

A noticed objection of the previously mentioned Catholic bloggers is that the USCCB is deceptively being made to look like the ultimate governing body in the USA. The USCCB is the merger of the NCCB and the secular US Catholic Conference. Those entities didn't come into existence until 1966. The church in the western hemisphere operated for centuries without those two conferences.

The problem is that the USCCB acts differently than past bishop conferences in USA history. In 1917, there was the establishment of the National Catholic War Council, in order to provide handrails to all Catholic activities regarding WWI. Then, in 1919, there was the founding of the National Catholic Welfare Council. It was founded, in order to promote the Vatican's Rerum Novarum encyclical, seeking to see to it that workers got paid a livable wage. It also addressed the issue of prohibition, being that wine is needed for every Mass. It also addressed immigration and the federalization of the school system.

Now, the difference between the former bishop conferences and today's USCCB is obvious. The former conferences were founded in response to a need in progress. Today's USCCB consisted in first establishing a bureaucracy and then thinking of what issues to address. That is equivalent to placing the cart before the horse.

A major objection of the previously mentioned Catholic bloggers is the specific bishops in power. The preference, it appears, is for such bishops to be removed from the USCCB committee offices. Here is an example:

At last count, Donald Wuerl was the head of the Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis. Placing Wuerl in that post was equivalent to using a paper shedder as the primary maintenance tool in a library's historic book section. Wuerl has been cited for omitting pivotal elements of Catholic moral theology, in the "sweep it under the carpet" motif.

This abridgment of Catholic doctrine is presently called, "Cafeteria Catholicism," where a priest or lay person chooses what he/she wants and suppresses the rest of church teaching. There is a well known Greek word that translates into the phrase, "as I choose," thereby making that Greek word synonymous with "Cafeteria Catholicism." That word is hairetikos. Translated into English, that word is "Heresy."

What we want Wuerl to do? The answer is simple. We want him to no longer be an accessory to sin, especially with the money given by the laity. Why give fuel to a Satanic fire? We also want to him to finally grow up and quit ignoring pivotal elements of moral theology. If he is too cowardly to do so, then have him removed from all offices of all types.

Quite frankly, if you want to save the Catholic Church in America, then have the Vatican remove Wuerl and all Donald Wuerl types from office. A tree is known by its fruits. Look at the state of the church in America. In it is an entire tattooed generation unknowing to what the Catholic religion is. The bishops who have been in power for the past twenty years are principally at fault. Wuerl was in power for over twenty years. Replace him with a bishop who will do things right and who will not be as vicious as Wuerl was in Pittsburgh.