Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your Input is Requested

Recently, I received the following email and I would like your advice/suggestions:

Dear Washington Catholic:

I am a Catholic in the Pensacola/Tallahassee Diocese in FL.

I am currently sponsoring a 30 year old young woman who is converting from the Methodist faith to Catholicism this Easter. She informed me today that she plans to move to the DC area this summer after she gets her Masters in teaching. She visited the area of Alexandria in January and attended a few Mass services and did not even feel familiar there.

My parish (and hers at the moment) is very orthodox. She is thinking of settling in the Alexandria area but said she would be willing to travel a little to find a church that she could call home. It is important to her and to me that she find a place where she can continue to grow and be nourished. I liked what you wrote about St. Augustine's but have no idea if that is near where she will be. If you could help me in helping this young convert, I would be so gratedful!

So, if you have any recommendations on parishes, a place that is not only following the teachings of the Church, but somewhere she can call a second home (so to speak). And give your reasons why you think it would make a good home for her, based on the info. provided.

Let's keep this one positive -- places she should go, rather than places she should stay away from. And it does not matter which Diocese (Washington or Arlington) or a religious order.

I know we can be of help to her and thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Viator Catholicus said...

St. Mary's on 5th and H, NW for the 9 am Traditional Latin Mass.
The Mass is full - many are converts themselves - there are many young people and families. Sometimes Fr. Wadsworth of ICEL, offers.
There is also a coffee and donut hour after where she could meet new people.
It's near both Gallery Place and Judiciary Square metro stops.