Thursday, February 28, 2019

Catholic Standard Review (Feb. 21, 2019)

Well, I am very late on this review, but due to work (a very nasty habit -- just kidding), I was unable to get around to a review of the Catholic Standard.  So here are a couple of take aways...

  • The Editor's Notebook highlights the fact that the Archdiocese of Washington will now have a Director of Digital Media.
  • We have a Catholic News Service (CNS) story about McCarrick being removed from the clerical state.  It does mention that he has been living at a Capuchin friary in Kansas since September 2018.  Although it does not mention where he now, we can safely assume that he is still there.  No mention of (1) who is paying for this and (2) of Pope Francis' rehabilitation of him a few years ago.
  • We have a Catholic Standard story on McCarrick but makes no mention of Cardinal Wuerl's passing along a report of sexual abuse to the Papal Nuncio years before. We also have no mention of where he (McCarrick) is staying or who is paying for it.  It just rehashes the known.  Interesting how those facts are not mentioned.
  • There is a CNS story on the Vatican Abuse Sumit (Page 5) but there is no mention of homosexual bishops and priests, and there abuse of seminarians and young men. All of this started with McCarrick and now the message seems to be: "There is nothing to see here, folks."  There are also really no solutions presented.  To be expected. 
  • We see that there is a "Engaging the Mission" workshop for parish leaders on March 16th.  Wonder if there will be any sessions on the abuse in the church by priests and bishops and the cover up by the bishops.  
  • We have an article on how the Archdiocese won a $10K grant dealing with diversity and the fact that Imacculee Ilibagiza spoke at St. Andrew's the Apostle on the Rwanda Genocide.  I am sorry I missed the talk.
  • We see that the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) is fighting the End of Life Option Act.  
  • A CNS story on Lent and the church crisis.  One of the interesting things about this is that it includes a comment by the former head of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  The LCWR has resisted and remains silent on the abuse by nuns, against other nuns and the laity.  
  • We have an article on how people are attempting to support Holy Family School in Hyattsville, MD.  I think that is great but how come some of the money that is given to Christo Rey HS, cannot be given to them?  I mean it is apx. $5million spend of CRHS.
  • There is a rather lackluster article on supporting the Appeal.  Restates much of what we have heard before.  My recommendation is:  Don't Give.  When it hurts the pocketbook, is when they will really notice the anger.
  • There is a two page article on Jubilee Religious Anniversaries.  Did you notice that of the seven women religious, the two who did not have a profile picture were the one's in habits?   However, let us congratulate the two consecrated women of Regnum Christi.  

Well, that's if folks.  Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Summit on Abuse -- What a Waste of Time and Money!

If you believe, that the Summit on Child Abuse was a success, can I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge?  I have the deed and will give it to you a really good price!

The most interesting thing that I have found, is that this entire Summit was caused by the scandal involving the Archdiocese of Washington's own Mr. McCarrick (formerly Cardinal).  Yet, there was almost no mention of him during the Summit.  

There is so much that is so wrong about this Summit, but again, I will ask:  

  • Where is Mr. McCarrick?  
  • If he is at the monastery in Kansas, who is funding his room, board and medical?  
  • Is the Archdiocese of Washington taking care of his costs?  If not, then who?

How much more damage will it take before Cardinal Wuerl is removed as Administrator?  How much more damage will Pope Francis inflict upon the Church, before he removes himself from the Chair of St. Peter?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Was McCarrick Mentioned at Mass Today? Let's hear from you.

Today, there was no mention at the first Mass, nor at the second Mass regarding McCarrick. (Melvin attended the second Mass and filled me in.)

Was this your experience?

Take a moment to comment.  You can remain anonymous, but if you can provide the following information, that would be most helpful:

  • Parish
  • Location
  • Mass Time
  • Name of Priest

Again, you can remain anonymous and you don't have to fill out all of the information, but at least the parish and Mass time, would be most helpful.

PS: There was a few minutes on the Annual Appeal, but it was a lack-luster promo.  

Saturday, February 16, 2019

McCarrick Dismissed from the Clerical State

As had been widely expected, the Vatican today announced it had removed Theodore Edgar McCarrick from the clerical state.

You can read the full story here.

Question:  Will McCarrick continue to live at the monastery?  Who will pay for his room and board?  Will it continue to be the Archdiocese of Washington?