Monday, May 29, 2023

Fr. Dan Leary is Back


In June/July 2020, Fr. Dan Leary left the Archdiocese of Washington (St. Andrew the Apostle, Silver Spring) to become the chaplain of the Sisters of Mary, which serves the poor worldwide.  You can find more about them here.  

It was reported in the latest issue of the Catholic Standard, in the section on Clergy Assignments, that Fr. Leary has been assigned as Pastor of St. John the Evangelist in Clinton, MD.

I had assumed that his transfer was permanent, as there was no indication in any writing that this was temporary.

His videos on his work stopped about two years ago.  Recently, there were a few that appeared on the website for FOCUS in regards to Lent and Holy Week. 

I do not know the reason for this.  Don't know if there was a falling out.  Don't know if was due to illness.  Don't know if he became burned out.  Don't know if he realized that this was not the life Christ was calling him to be. 

I simply do not know.

No matter what, please keep him in your prayers.


Monday, May 1, 2023

Congratulations Sacred Heart Council #2577 (Bowie, MD)

 Congratulations to the members of Sacred Heart Council #2577 (Bowie, MD).  They collected approximately 1,000 food items from parishioners of the four churches the council serves.  the food was donated to he Bowie Food Pantry.

Thanks to COLUMBIA Magazine (April 2023)