Saturday, August 31, 2019

Msgr Rossi Scandal makes the Scranton Newspaper

A reader let me know that the Rossi scandal has made the front page of the local Scranton newspaper.  However, you may need to subscribe to it but I have included the images below.

When you read the article, you notice how they refuse to answer questions about the investigation. 

Again, thank you to a reader!!!  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Archbishop Wilton Gregory Loves Dissent Groups

I already reported that +Gregory welcomed with open arms the Association of US Catholic Priests, a dissident organization pushing for the ordination of women (priest and deacons), priestless parishes, among other radical items.  

You may recall that Fr. Peter Daly, a retired priest from this Archdiocese, is on the board.  

Well, it seems that +Gregory has no problem with other dissent groups.  In a report by LifeSite News, we see that he has no problem welcoming those who are in an active homosexual relationship, but also homosexual marriage, etc.   As my father would say: "The fish stinks from the head."

In addition, you may have made notice that the Catholic Standard made no mention of his comments regarding confused gendered people, as well as, Fr. Rossi.

In addition, it seems that the Diocese of Scranton will be hit with more abuse lawsuits. 

Remember, the only way that the Bishops will get the message, is if the see donations go down.   I do not give in the collection plate anymore.

Thanks to one of my readers for the LifeSite News story and the lawsuit.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hyattsville is still looking for the Money People

So here we are at the end of August, and the fundraising jobs are still open.  

If you have the ability to smile at faithful Catholics and ask for five and six figure donations, while certain priests within this diocese do not live up to their vows, an Archbishop who will do whatever he can to avoid any scandal, and at the same time, water down the faith, then one of these jobs are for you.

They have been open since June.

Monday, August 26, 2019

A Catholic Standard Update (Aug. 22, 2019 edition)

Let the trumpets blare and the women swoon, we have a Catholic Standard update.  Yes, it is a few days late but here is it none the less...

  • Did you expect the story on +Gregory's Theology on Tap include anything about Msgr. Rossi.
  • We see an article on his comments regarding the President's tweets.  However, after this came out, there was no mention about the ongoing problems in Baltimore.  I guess he got some "cred" with the liberals on this.
  • Based on his current action (or inaction), I am not certain he has made Jesus Proud.
  • There is the story of Fr. Vazquez, who was convicted of sexual assault  and sexual abuse. I don't recall hearing about this but it is possible that I was traveling or away from the area, at the time.   It is interesting in the story that he was immediately removed from ministry, when the allegations were made.  Makes you wonder why Msgr. Rossi was not removed.
  • Providence Urgent Care Center has been opened.  
  • We have a new Secretary of Communications:  Paula Gwynn Grant.  She was the Dir. of Comms for the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  There are rumors about her salary (apx. $200K per year plus benefits).  Guess she will continue to keep things quiet for +Gregory.
  • Msgr. Enzler talks about illegal aliens and that we should do what we can to help.  Funny, how he does not mention that Catholic Charities gets millions in Federal $$ to take care of the illegals.
  • A nice story on St. John's (of Hollywood) program for youth.
  • We have a story on the shooting in El Paso, but not one on Dayton.  Could it be the political optics?
  • A story on the new residence for 13 retired priests in Hyattsville.
  • A story on Gloria Purvis of EWTN and Gene Kranz (NASA).  
  •  A story on the passing of Msgr. O'Connell.  May he rest in peace.


Silence in Scranton

A reader tells me that the secular media in Scranton has made absolutely no mention of the Msgr. Rossi scandal.

IMHO, here are the reasons why:

  • There has been no "official" statement regarding Msgr. Rossi from either Washington or Scranton.  Yes, a one page note was released but it was not on letterhead or placed on the various websites.  Therefore, they can say that it is not official.
  • They have no problem with a priest who violates his vow of celibacy, especially if it is a homosexual relationship.
  • Who knows what the media offices have told, or not told, the secular media.

So, what an we do.

First, pray.

Second, withhold funds from your Diocese.  How do you do that? 

  1. If you feel that you must give, give let's say $10 or so per week in the collection, to pay for the lights, a/c, etc.   
  2. Do not give to any second collections, unless you know that it will not go the USCCB or Diocese.
  3. If you do not want to do either, but still want to support your parish, then send a check directly into the parish and specifically designate what it should pay for.  For example, you could pay for the hosts, the wine, candles, etc.  

The only way Bambi and The African Queen will get the message is if the $$$ dry up.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why hasn't Msgr. Rossi been removed?

So, we have an investigation of Msgr. Rossi.  

Okay, but have you noticed, he has not been removed from his position.

Every priest that I know, and I have known about a half-dozen, who have been publicly accused of anything (child abuse, financial issues, etc.) have been asked to (1) remove themselves from their residence within 24 to 48 hours; and, (2) cannot exercise their ministry publicly. 


They do not consider an active homosexual lifestyle (a breaking of their vow of celibacy) to be sinful.  Look who is leading Scranton and Washington.  Need I say more. 

My gut feeling tells me the following:  They will "investigate" and find that there is nothing there.  Therefore, why remove him from his job, when the long term plan is to keep him in power.

What a SHAM this is!  

Shame on  Bambi and The African Queen.  

Shame on them.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Church Militant on Msgr. Rossi. Andt thank you George Neumayr.

Church Militant has focused today's (Aug. 19, 2019) episode on Msgr. Rossi.

First, it acknowledges the groundwork of George Neumayr.

Second, many of the questions they ask, I have asked, such as:

  • Why has Msgr. Rossi not been placed on Admin. Leave, as other priests are?
  • Who is reviewing the allegations?

Again, my fear is that they (Bambi, The African Queen, etc.) will whitewash this.

As many have said, the only way that this will end, is if we begin to withhold funds from the Church.  

Sunday, August 18, 2019

My Worry: The Investigation of Rossi will be a Sham

After learning that there was an investigation of Msgr. Rossi, a few years ago, and that they found no evidence of "certain accusations," my worry is that the current investigation of him will be a sham. 


  • What were the previous allegations that there was evidence of? Did we even know of such an investigation?
  • We do not know what they are currently investigating?   Is it financial, sexual, or something else, or a combination of charges?
  • If there is a formal investigation, then why have they not put him on a leave of absence?   
  • Who is conducting the investigation?
  • We know that Bambera and Gregory have a history of ignoring these sorts of problems.
  • Why is Rossi still on the CUA board?

What can you do?

  1. Write to the Archdiocese of Washington to complain and let them know that no further $$ will go to them.  Then do it!
  2. Write to the Shrine to complain and let them know that no further $$ will go to them.  Then do it!
  3. If you are student or alumni, then you need to reach out to CUA to let them know of your displeasure.
  4. If you have given to the CUA collection in the past, STOP!

Donations to the Archdiocese Annual Appeal are already down almost 40%. Can you imagine what would happen if additional $$ were held back in the weekly collection.   

My sources tell me that the Archdiocese is in a panic because they cannot figure out how to support all of the seminarians.  So, instead of attempting to come clean about the issues, what do they do?   They stick with the message: We need to support the seminarians!  

Take a look at what George Neumayr says today about the investigation.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Breaking News: Msgr. Rossi to be Investigated?!

According to George Neumayr, via his twitter account, the Diocese of Scranton has issued a statement saying that they and the Archdiocese of Washington will investigate Msgr. Rossi.  It seems that they investigated him a year ago -- no indication of what it was for -- and found nothing.

Now that there are "new allegations," they have decided to investigate.

So, here are my thoughts...

  1. Shouldn't he be removed from ministry temporarily, as others have been?
  2. There is no indication of what the new allegations are?   Are they due to abuse?  Misappropriation of funds?  Violating his vow of celibacy?   Hiring a criminal on his security team?  Lying to George Neumayr re banned from the Shrine?  All of these?  None of these?  We don't know. 
  3. Notice the term "forensic investigation."  If I recall, that is he same term used by Archbishop Gregory during his Theology on Tap talk, in relation to Msgr. Rossi. 
  4. Do you think that this is being done, as Bishop Bambera (aka Bambi) is rumored to be in line as the new Archbishop of Philly, and wants to make a showing that he is on top of things?   Could be be throwing Msgr. Rossi under the bus, to protect himself?

Personally, I have no faith that they will do the right thing.  At most, Msgr. Rossi will be reassigned back to Scranton with a slap on the wrist OR will be allowed to retire to his condo on Florida.


President Trump, +Gregory and the Politics of Personal Destruction

This gets right to the heart of the matter, better than I could have said it...

The problem that I see with Archbishop Gregory's message lies in the fact that our bishops have (as usual) arrived late on the scene. The "politics of personal destruction" had become a regular feature of our nation's political discourse long before Donald Trump — and his vociferous critics — arrived on the scene.

Phil Lawlor  Catholic Culture


Please remember to sign the petition to ask CUA President Garvey to investigate Msgr. Rossi.

Remember to help out George Neumayr on his journalism fund.   

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Wanda, Randy Andy and the Archbishop

Well, once again, George Neumayr continues to add a little more to the story of Msgr. Rossi (aka Wanda), Fr. Hvozdovic (aka Randy Andy), and Archbishop Wilton Gregory (aka The Enabler and The Cover Up Artist -- my names, not his).

One of the things that Mr. Neumayr talks about is that Archbishop Gregory will do nothing about Msgr. Rossi, if he can get away with it.  It is sad that I was so right about the Archbishop.

Maybe you should ask your pastor about Msgr. Rossi.  I bet he will claim he knows nothing about him or claim that he really is not part of this Archdiocese, therefore, nothing can be done about him.

You can read all about at the American Spectator.

Remember, the only way to get the message to the folks in Hyattsville, is to withhold funds from them.

BTW, my sources tell me that folks in Hyattsville are in a bit of a panic, due to the HUGE drop in funds for the Appeal.  They are not certain how they will pay for everything at this time.  

Hey, maybe if you clean things up, you may see the amount of funds increase.  Ever thought of that?  Nah, that is too easy.


Please remember to sign the petition to ask CUA President Garvey to investigate Msgr. Rossi.

Remember to help out George Neumayr on his journalism fund.  

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Holy Rosary Church (Interior Photos)

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Mass at Holy Rosary Church (Downtown DC --  D St. and 3rd NW).    

There is a great deal of work happening on the outside.  It is amazing, as I was told that the church was to be torn down in the late 1960's due to the building of I-395 exit.  It seems that some of the more prominent members of the parish lobbied hard and got the builders to move the exit, so that the church would not be demolished.   

Now, over 50 years later, they are covering up I-395 and building a street above it.  Just like it was over 50 years ago.  I wrote about this a few years ago, as there was a small article in the business section of the Washington Compost. 

I was able to take a couple of photos on the inside.  I could not get many, as there were many people around before and after Mass, and I did not want them in the photos.  Hopefully, I can get down there soon.

It is a beautiful church.  If you ever get the chance, go down an visit and attend Mass!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Theology on Tap -- Controlling the Dialog

The August Theology on Tap (targeting those ages 21 to late 30s) will have Archbishop Gregory as the speaker, on August 13th. 



However, they are asking that all questions be submitted in advance for him to answer.

Here are some questions I would like to see asked by some of the young people, who attend:

  • Former Cardinal McCarrick had a fund, which he used for his personal use.  The fund was managed by the Archdiocese but he was able to write checks in any amount, for any cause.  Will the Archdiocese explain: (1) how much was in this fund; (2) who were the recipients of these funds and the amounts; (3) what does the audit show, and can you make the audit report available; and (4) how much is currently left in the fund and what has happened with the monies.
  • Msgr. Rossi has been accused of sexual assault at CUA.  Why has he not been removed from ministry, pending a full review?
  • Msgr. Rossi has been accused of not living up to his vow of celibacy? Is this true and if yes, why has he not been removed from the priesthood?  
  • Why did the security team at the Shrine lie to George Neumayr about his ability to access the shrine?
  • Why is there a convicted criminal on the Security Staff of the Shrine?

If you control the questions, then you control the conversation.  How convenient!